everything went wrong at once!



hey guys, this might not seem like a big deal to yall but keep in mind, i have an extremely painful "crater" as the doctor called it, in my ankle and i am having a particularly bad flare up today.

so heres my story.
i was fixing my bike today, and i decided to put on a axle mount kickstand, no relevance but i wanted to test the wheel. i swear, i checked every single nut and bolt last night, and tightened the loose motor mounts. i was riding, and all of a sudden, i hear the chain skipping, oh no problem, ill turn around and fix it at home. on my way home, the chain comes off, i put it back on, still thinking i need to adjust the idler, and ride on. about 30 feet later, the chain comes off, locks up my back wheel, and whlst doing this 20ft skidmark, the engine swings around and the whole cover that is over the cooling fins is pressed against my leg. trying to be as stiff as a board, it stays there, and now i have a huge burn. on top of that i have t turn around to pick up the front mountingbracket i had just realised was mising. so i go back 1/4 mile get the bracket, push my bike home, step in a gopher hole, (with my bad ankle) and upon picking up my bike the tank is sideways. so now i have a sideways engine, a huge burn a more messed up ankle then when i started and a shoe full of 5 dollar gas.

so as i limped home with my newest bike, my 4 stroker, i say what do i do to prevent this? i was using rubber shims lockwashers, double nuts and red loctite to start with!! thanks for any input.

i took this pic of my leg/knee about 10 min after i got home, you can see the whole square of the cooling fin cover now.


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The loctite was dry? That stuff usually takes a few days to dry.

Dunno, but all I do know is that ladies love scars. Keep it up!


i hope it was just wet loctite. meanwhile, i gotta clean my room cause tommrow is my b-day and my grandparents are coming over.