EVIL -really??

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    Wow, So I am on my 3rd ride on my new MB. Having fun, feeling good. I pass this lil punk going up Echo Park Blvd. on his motor cross bike. He says to me "Hey, Cheater". I say "Hey" and pass him up, as it is an incline and he is struggling a bit. I pass it off as his male ego not digging that a girl passed him and left him in the dust. Then as I am locking up my MB to go into the store he catches up with me and says, "SO that runs on veggie oil right?" I am trying to figure out my new lock so i wasn't really thinking and said "No,Its gas and oil". Then he told me "I was f***ing evil". Really??? I just said 'whatever' and turned back to what i was doing because i didn't want to get into it with this kid. I am looking at this as a much better/greener mode of transport. My jeep gets about 0 MPG. And just in general i was surprised to hear that someone would think they are evil. Now i live in a very pretentious neighborhood with a lot of johnny come latelys who think they're all that. It is the center of "Fixies" who all think that they are independently saving the world. I thought i might get some slack from them. I may just lie form now on and say "yes, it runs on french fries". But are they really bad? Aren't they better then driving your car? Do you guys get slack for riding them? I was really annoyed at this kid. I mean clearly he's a jerk to say that to anyone. what's he going to run up to every car and every motorcycle and tell them that their evil for using gasoline? And he's better for riding a moto cross bike at age 26? (I.E. cant afford a car.) Sorry needed to vent . But I do really want to know if you guys get slack for wrecking a bike by putting a motor on it? Your a good person for riding a Moped or motorcycle but 'evil' for riding a MB? Doesn't make sense to me? :(

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    Hahaha - must be California! You guys cultivate the best nuts.
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    YEP! The City of lost Angels.
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    I wouldn't say riding a MB is evil, cheating or anything else. But two strokes pollute more than four strokes and way more than electric. If my electric bike wasn't so darn heavy and range so short i'd use it most of the time. But sometimes it's hard to find an outlet to recharge. But it's easy to find a gas station and fill up.
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    Look here : http://www.autocycles.co.uk/autocycle_a_z.htm

    It's been going on for a long time. Lots of history and fun.

    Some people don't like Taylor Swift. I don't understand that at all.

    I leave those kind of people alone.
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    A HT kit on a fixie, now that might be kinda evil ! :devilish:
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    Sounds like a joke. If he was really serious then he's been indoctrinated into the global warming cult headed by Al Gore. It really is a religion when they start calling anyone who dares to think differently from them "evil". The only hope for him is if his friends and family deprogram him. It's really sad how gullible people can be.

    As for calling you a "cheater", isn't he cheating by using a machine to go faster and farther than he could on foot? Heck, isn't riding a horse "cheating". I suppose we should all go back to the stone age because using technology is "cheating".
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    I have given some thought about the idea of "Cheating" coming from the mouth of a peddler. I think the ideal retort (if you so choose) is "And you're not?"
  9. SimpleSimon

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    My response would be, "Yeah, and I love it! Enjoy sweating." as I motored off.
  10. chefdouglas

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    The guy was just jealous. Sour grapes.
  11. BeauBoy

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    Say it runs on peanut oil and moonshine.
  12. I get the "cheater" occasionally from bike people, usually with a smile. Most are interested enough to want to know all about the bike, motor, and kit. The others I just ignore. Twentysomethings seem to be the worst.
  13. moondog

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    All bikes are powered by something.

    A bike with human power only runs on cow, pig, corn, little debbies, pizza, beer, ect.
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    You can make a motor run on "moonshine"......:D
    If you increase the compression you can run it off alcohol.
    Im not sure if it is anymore better for the environment but still.....

    Just dont breathe in the exhaust:ack2:
  15. WhizBangAndy

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    Green they arent if you count emissions per loaded pound but practically speaking they are great considering the alternative people would use (SUV, Car or Truck).

    My overall feeling:: NOT EVIL!:cool:
  16. They did run cars off moonshine had extra large tanks and generally outran the law in em They called em ridge runners. (They ran the blue ridge mountains)
  17. I say lets all go on a beer and pickle egg diet and stay just in front of the peddlers till tears form LOL

    Then when they catch up to ya tell them it runs off cow manure LOL
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    George, loading up now. When do we start.

  19. ckow

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    "So that runs on veggie oil right?"

    "No, it runs on the tears of the earth and the blood of clubbed baby seals"

    idk if they're going to call you evil you might as well take it to the extreme
  20. WhizBangAndy

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    Heck how about some whale oil to lubricate fuel??:jester: