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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Simon_A, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. Simon_A

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    Well, a few changes are in progress with my bike, so I thought I would share :lol:

    I have changed the carb to a Dell-orto SHA carb, upping the intake from 14mm to 16mm.

    I am in the progress of making a better lighting setup as well, the green bag is a waterproof fishing bag, housed in it is a waterproof box holding a 7.2ah sla battery for the lights. I have gone with dual 20W halogen lights at the front with a 50W spotty if needed.

    I also today changed the exhaust for a Blata pocketbike pipe. I kept the primary as long as possible so the powerband isnt too high in the rev range. I am concerned its too much pipe for these engines, so I have one with a smaller expansion chamber just in case.

    I am also changing the front end so I can use a front disk brake, I found V brakes arent quite up to the task so will run V brake rear and disk front, for when I need to wash off speed quickly.

    Now I am just pondering using a dual pull brake handle or keeping the front and rear brakes independant.

    Ahhh the fun of tinkering :D:):D

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  2. lennyharp

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    I like to keep the front and back brakes independent. The front and back work in different situations. I rarely want the front brake while turning but the back is fine there. The dual lever I have is for a double rear set up somebody else suggested. I will try that for my next bike in the works.
  3. Simon_A

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    What do you mean, double rear?
  4. The pipe looks good man, you havn't riden it yet?
    I know about the brakes, in the rain the V brakes are almost usless, I wore a new set of pads fairly quick then bought a set of 25 buck ceramic pads, they work very good for V brake and get me by till I get front disc, gunna buy a set of ceramics for the rear.
  5. badmoon

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    what is the model of your carb i want a link of the same i thinks changing carb is better .
  6. lennyharp

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    I want to set up a disc and a v brake on my rear wheel for my next bike. More stopping power.
  7. Simon_A

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    Nah I expect to have the bike back on the road next weekend, doing all my upgrades in 1 hit.

    And as I found out on the last MBc run, my brakes were non existant. Not good when braking on a winding trail and date puckering when riding on Anzac highway.

    Where can you get ceramic pads?

    You can get pocketbike carbs cheap on eBay, I put a link in the "wild in the streets" area in the "expansion pipe" thread.

    Sounds like you will have eye popping stopping mate.
  8. badmoon

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