Evolution of a motoredbike

Well my old MBc has been pulled down and has donated various parts to a new one.

I originally bought a new Kmart bike which did its job well with the exception of the brakes, a wet winter and rim brakes didnt go too well. Also my HT got a metallic tick that I wasnt happy about so that made me take it off the road.

With the release of the sick bike kit a new plan started to formulate itself in my mind. Build a new gasser. In the interim I built up a eBike on a bike I got cheap secondhand, this one had disk brakes.

So the ideas started flowing through my mind and I decided to see what could be done, the disk brake frame had a much smaller triangle with which to fit everything but I wouldnt let that stop me.

So I wasnt happy with the thought of my 48cc HT letting go so I ordered a new 66cc. At the same time I got the shift kit from sickbikes.

Once all the parts had arrived I stripped all of the eBike parts off the disk brake bike and set them asside to be grafted onto the rim brake bike.

I fitted the shift kit to the new motor and with the carb fitted there is no way it would fit. Hmm problem number 1. Much head scratching and I came up with cutting the bend off of the old inlet manifold of the 48cc and using that to offset the carby out of the frame.

I wanted to use the old front mount off of the old MB but found the angles of the new frame were all wrong, problem number 2. So I designed a new angled mount.

Then I found that the chainring on the BB and the output sprocket wouldnt get even close to lining up, Im talking 1/2 a inch offset. No idea why, but it was. So I decided to use BMX chain with its wider links to compensate for the offset. This worked well.

Today with the bike not even finished was the day for its maiden test ride, much tweaking is still needed but it was at a point that I could do a test ride.

Starting it is different, you do have to pedal the bike to start it, but I just rotated the right pedal up to 45 degrees and kick started the motor like a motorbike.

Wow, changing gears is a buzz. The lowest gear on my cassette can start me off from a standstill and it wants to spin the rear wheel in the dirt with the slightest input of the throttle, and the highest gear saw me running at (without me realising it) 33.5 kph with a quarter turn of the throttle.

Anyway the sick bike conversion was worth every cent. To have stump pulling bottom end and a decent top end with the motor not straining.......excellent.
To get rid of the second chain and all of its associated woe's, and hardware....excellent.
To run disk brakes front AND rear to pull me up in the wet and dry......excellent.
I also did the LF clutch mod, so 1 finger pull of the clutch.....excellent.

Basically once I have finished the bike, riding it will be.......excellent.

Anyway the piccies show the bike as it is now, almost finished, the carby intake mod, and the clutch mod and BMX chain mod.


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Future mods will be fitting my halogen/led lights so I can see in the dark, thats why I have to rear rack for the battery bag.

I also have my new carby, and an expansion chamber exhaust. The last 2 will be fitted once the motor is run in and running sweet.
I'm itching to get that kit and get another HT on a bike with good brakes.


Nice bike!
Well, its finished apart from the lights, I have a niggling problem with the LH plate of the sick kit, the layshaft keeps trying to move out of the bearing, there isnt any slack or movement in the assembly, its literally bending the plate, will reinforce it tomorrow.

Apart from that I am satisfied with the bike now. I had a computer fan guard made by Marvel kicking around and decided to fit it as a piece to the clain guard, think it looks the part on this bike.

Anyway what do people think?


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