Exaust Header Wrap

Doe's anyone have any exaust header wrap? You know the white stuff used to wrap header pipes on big V-8 race cars. I want to wrap my exaust pipe but the auto parts store only sells a kit to do a V-8. The stuffs expensive to its like 110 dollars . But thats enough to do a hundred bike exausts for sure I don't want all that much. Just a few feet. Anybody got any? Anybody know where to buy it by the foot? E-mail Tom try1897@wmconnect.com Thanks



You should try Ebay also.Look under gocart,go cart,mini bike,or even briggs racing.I picked up some realy cheap,and easy to use.Wet it,rap it,and wire the ends up.Use stainles steel wire,the aluminum,and copper are to weak.The Galvanized will work also,but tends to rust out faster.