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    Has anybody actually made a pipe or exaust from scratch? I am in the process of doing so. expantion chamber with silencer. my friend took an old kx 80 steel silencer and welded it in place of the stock can and wow what a down low monster. no expantion chamber at all. has anybody seen the pipe on the grubee website in the skyhawk section it looks wild.. grubeeinc.com

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    From my experience a good quality in exhaust pipes for happytime engines is an easy way to CLEAN THEM OUT. Make sure all of the nooks and crannies can be reached in your pipe, and that it can be disassembled. The pipes clog fast, and will consequently rob engines of their power. Cleaning them out can be close to impossible if its severe enough.
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    I will post pics soon of my new pipe. lol
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    I am building a tuned expansion chamber for this motor next week. Ill be posted updates. (and by tuned I mean really tuned, not like the little tiney toy pipes spooky tooth sells)
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    the pipe i built runs sweet I cant believe it. it pulls nicely from low all the way through high rpm
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    hrmm... must be a pain in the *** to make your cuts with a razor blade...
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    ha! they are so tiny, i slipped on cone #1
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    My home made exhaust

    This one i made the chamber gives the bike an extra 10 mph i used the original baffel at the end.

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    plain and simple, the stock pipes suck, and are HUGE robbers of power even when they are clean. I just got the expansion chamber from spooky tooth, and man...what a HUGE difference in power. It has more bottom end, and alot more mid range power now. it definitly has more top end speed, but i have no way to tell for sure because i don't have a speedo.
    Everyone says that the spooky tooth pipe is loud, but to me, it isn't that loud...sounds like a chainsaw.
    I also added a high flow air filter so now my motor can breathe in and out alot better. i did notice a big difference in the way the motor revs now...it revs a lot faster than it did with the stock pipe.
    I also threw on a boost bottle just for kicks, and i really didn't notice that much of a power gain, but the motor does seem to run smoother.
    i'm using the little 50 c.c. slant head motor while most people are running the bigger 80 c.c. motors.
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