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    What Can I use to deaden muffler noise? I have the traditional muffler.

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    you can fit a piece of heat-resistant tubing to the end of the pipe, and clamp the end to your frame just tight enough to keep it in place. the flexible material will absorb the sound waves.
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    One trick I've used is to get one of those copper or stainless steel 'pot scrubbers'. The sort of thing that's shaped about like a donut with a filled in hole.

    If you nip a bit at the 'donut hole' part of the scrubber, you can get it to unravel into something that looks like a section of fishnet panty-hose.

    Cut about a third of that away and set it aside. Open up the muffler end and stuff in the part that you've saved. You don't want to put too much in there because you want to avoid restricting the exhaust too much.

    But a little bit helps. I'm running one of these right now.

    My bike sounds sorta like a Karmann Ghia. And that's just fine.

    It's less harsh sounding than a stock muffler.
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    when I was testing loud pipes I just connected a portion of bicycle inner tube to the muffler and then tied it to the frame. Looks funky but makes a huge difference.