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  1. Shleppin

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    Looking to order exaust/expansion chamber for 2 stroke. Looking for what would be better. How much louder than are they than stock pipe.​
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  2. HeadSmess

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    save your money as anything on the market is a complete joke.

    the only real tuned pipes available are handmade by people that are willing to research them and then make them.
  3. Shleppin

    Shleppin New Member

    Don't really have the equipment to fab one up. Guess I'll just try my luck on one
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  4. miketaco

    miketaco Member

    sick bike part exhaust is ur best bet it worked for me
  5. butre

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  6. miketaco

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    i beg to differ i think it works just fine and u notice the power and be able to adjust with torque or top end thats nice and u cant do that with other pipes... compare to a soild header pipe is something u would have to build around or find one for ur setup.... i know all the bits in pieces kind of ehhh... better to have a solid header.... i think sbp pipe is good to learn were u want the power but afterwards a solid header pipe would be best
  7. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    please explain WHY a solid header is better?

    seeing as any DECENT pipe, such as KMF or similar professional racing pipes, be it on a motorbike, go kart or racing hydroplane all use spring mounted headers?

    i take a lot of time making sure my headers remain flexible...and sealed... and are port matched...and are within calculated dimensions to 1/2mm or so...

    and of course...saying the sbp pipe is the best with no experience of other available options is like saying chicken is better than lamb despite being a vegan...

    anything that uses bits of rubber hose or copper pipe connectors really leaves me wondering...

    me myself, i listen to butre, he talks sense(most of the time :p) though i dont really have the need to BUY anything :)
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  8. miketaco

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    ok first of when did i say it was the best all time i just said works for me "yea big dummy read better"...never did i say it was the best i said it was good to start with cause u can use those "crappy copper fittings n hose" and adjust it like i said before for more torque or top speed for people who dont have welders and stuff "like me" and like to play around a bit ...and id prefer my header pipes to be solid thats just me so calm down buddy to each his own...peace ^^ also brutes suggestions arent bad im sure they would work just fine i was going to get the snake pipe but went with sbp
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  9. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    Spring mounted headers aren't necessarily better. I've had issues with big singles causing the vibration to loosen the tolerances of the header pipe and ended up having to braze it on. spring headers are mostly an ease of maintenance thing for race bikes (means you don't have to replace gaskets and it's quicker to undo 4 springs than 2 bolts) and it makes misalignment easier to deal with.

    also you did say it's best
    just because it kinda works for a guy with zero racing experience and zero engineering experience doesn't mean it's worth a damn.
  10. miketaco

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    is ur best bet is not the same is its the best xD its ur best bet to learn stuff thats all i meant guys and u make some good points i have plenty racing exp on my honder learnd from good ol pops on trails n lil track time but im not big into it and these bikes their really not much to learn once u been threw em thanks again im going to buy that snake pipe now see if i like it better just to see's and ill report it but i like my spb i used other so called performance mufflers they all sucked up till i got this one i like it alot but it dose need some improvement no lie with the fittings so nothing and nobody perfect :)
  11. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    ha ha. i was referring to you saying that solid headers are best.... not the sbp pipe itself. i can read between the lines most of the time.

    true with spring headers... it took me about 5 attempts to finally get the hang of getting them spot on... requires about 3 sockets overlapping each other. not really much point on these lil things but seriously makes a big difference on the lumpy vibrators that one can get hold of... i was usually happy with just one socket on the HT. just means you can jam a lot of silicone sealant inside there...once you see that squirting out after twenty hours or so...its time to give the pipe a clean out anyway..

    the biggest factor with any pipe other than the actual geometry is port matching and getting rid of any turbulence AND changes in diameter exactly where a change in diameter is not desired...right at the exhaust port. the pressure waves REFLECT at these points... get it wrong and you may as well pull the pipe off...they arent actually working as they should. they can suck exhaust gas out, sure...that helps...but then they hit a wall when the reversion wave pushes back into the cylinder.

    you would be amazed at the carbon deposits that build up around any little welding lumps etc that are ALWAYS left inside the header...

    the one time i think a dremel, if you havent got an air compressor and die grinder, comes in handy...cleaning out burrs in pipes.

    yay! arguments! weeeee!

    i miss my wacko and my willy-nilly emoticons...these new ones are pathetic :(