Excellent bike light from personal experience.


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7:21 PM
Apr 30, 2008
The following bike light can be made using some parts you may just have lying around, made mine for about 10 bucks, and boy does this puppy shine!


Revisions: Instead of the water bottle shown in the instructable, I used a small seat bag.

I also used a pair of alligator clips to connect the drill battery to my light. -> It depends on the battery style you have, I happened to have a Craftsman 15.6V lying around. If you have the slide in style batteries seen on many ryobi brand power tools, you will need to use the method shown.

Good Luck,
Pretty cool. I would shorten up that cable by a lot and have the battery pack closer to the light if I did this.
Atta Boy Johnny...I'd do it, but at the moment I'm fundamentally against night rides. I'm still getting used to the idea of just being on a bike doing speeds similar to crazy drivers.

Night riding would require some reflective garb...none of which I have yet. But good luck to you. As usual..be safe. Hey, did you get a DOT helmet yet? I'm all for you sharing your brains with the rest of the world, just try to do it figurartively instead of literally.
No I didnt get one just yet. I unfortunatly have to wait for my next paycheck before I can snag one off of ebay. Till than I'm stuck with my bike helmet, I havent pushed my bike beyond 24 mph yet.