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  1. Fredthecat

    Fredthecat New Member

    I have a 1947 Model H Whizzer motor with what appears to be a replacement "echo tube" type one piece straight pipe exhaust installed by previous owner.

    Is there a baffle that will fit inside and quiet it down? Neighbors want to know.

    They don't call it a muffler for nothing.

    Thanks, Fred

  2. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    1947? gee we all automatically know that exhaust and its size. yeah right.
    all sarcasm aside, you will probably have to make your own. Easiest is just stuffing it with metal scrub pads.
  3. mason_man

    mason_man Active Member

    metal scrub pads? Are you doing KP tonight?

    The Vintage Whizzer did have a muffler (optional ). Fred are you looking to have one to install on a vintage echo tube, or the new generation echo tube? And pics if possible? Let's see that bad boy.

  4. Fredthecat

    Fredthecat New Member

    Paraguay? gee we all automatically know where Paraguay is. yeah right.

    Hi Ray, Thanks for the help.
    I’m new kid here, learning my way around this new to me Model H Whizzer motor (H81780) on 1950 Schwinn frame.

    I expect this is a newer reproduction exhaust made for a vintage Whizzer motor. Not certain.

    It's Charlie's old Whizzer from Orange CA. Was “restored ten years ago in Kansas”…little else known. You guys all know each other, eh?

    I’ll take photos and try to post so you guys can help me learn what I have and how to keep the peace here. Thanks.

    Hmm…How do you post photos here? Photobucket?

    Thanks, Fred
  5. mason_man

    mason_man Active Member

    Thanks Fred for the info, posting pics is pretty easy here (good )
    Does the echo tube need one of these?


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  6. Fredthecat

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    Photo upload trial: 1947 Whizzer model H

    Wally Whizzer.jpg Charlie 4.jpg Charlie 3.jpg

    Photo trial
  7. Fredthecat

    Fredthecat New Member


    1947 Whizzer parks inside with and 1947 Indian...and me
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  8. mason_man

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    Mighty fine examples there Fred. You can make your own muffler, vintage were 4" long, new generation about 7".
    Here's one for a new generation echo tube.


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  9. Fredthecat

    Fredthecat New Member

    Where can I purchase one of those (either 4" or 7")?

    What did you use to wrap it with?

    Oh, the fish tail tip is way too cool, might need that too.

  10. mason_man

    mason_man Active Member

    Hi Fred,I don't have materials for the vintage pipe, the ID is smaller .
    Ron Houk can help you out .I can give you his number, he's in Orange county. 714-996-6323
    He's got parts too. I hope this helps.


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