Exhaust exhaust baffler

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by andrewflores17, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. my baffler fell off the exhaust pipe is their just need a quick fix what about a washer our something welded onto the bottom i leave in 10 days for basic and just need a quick fix gonna get a new engine when i get back this one is reaching its mostly to my fault let me now any idea a good idea

  2. Baffler?

    I could try to help you if I knew Exactly what you are talking about? Give me some details and I will try, Mike
  3. the exhaust pipe is still on the engine just the botom fell off the baffler it still runs just realy loud just need something to give it some back pressure so it will last a little longer
  4. baffled

    Hi well if the entire tip (cap) has fallen pff and you cannot find it, you will need a new muffler. Yes capping it with anything with a hole a little over 3/8 inch will work, Mike
  5. thanks yeah i just dont have the time to wait for stuff in the mail i leave in 9 days for basic