Carby Exhaust coming out of carb?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Kent6440, May 15, 2015.

  1. Kent6440

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    Some of the exhaust on my bike comes out the carb and makes a loud "pop". I lowered the oil to fuel ratio but it Dident make any change. The carb is tight to the motor and I don't see any other reasons why it would do that. The bike has very little or no power at high throttle because of this and it really sucks. Anyone got any ideas on how to fix this problem? thanks :)

  2. butre

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    sounds like the timing is way off, check that you haven't wallowed out your magnet keyway
  3. Kent6440

    Kent6440 New Member

    what do you mean by wallowed magnet keyway?
  4. Slogger

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    The magneto is keyed to the crankshaft via a machined slot in both magnet and crankshaft. A woodruff key holds the two in alignment. That keyway keeps the magnet's big ends passing by the coil and sending a pulse to the CDI at the right time.
    If the keyway is boogered up, or the key isn't there the timing could be off enough to have running problems.
    It is easy to install the magnet backwards, I've done it, and the engine won't run well if at all. Put the piston at TDC, the keyway should be at 1:00, the magnet straight vertical, if memory serves.