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    i just completed a new build and and i was wondering if it would be a bad thing to use the back part and muffler of the gubee skyhawk extended exhaust joined to the skyhak expansion chamber?...im looking for a very specific look...id like to go without the expansion schamber but ive been told it gives a LOT better performance


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    The overall length of the head pipe portion and the stinger both have an impact on how the expansion chamber exhaust system will perform.
    Try what you like, let us know how well it works.
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    my motor is 50cc
    an i tossed stock exhaust for long street
    i gained mid an low but lost 5kmh

    if i had a spb tuneable expansion chamber then i can expect even more mid an top end an take off should be quicker too ...
    an if u have rear gears then add the spb jackshaft

    above all use good quality rear wheel

    brad syd :helmet:
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    yep...this is exactly what i did.
    i am using a spooky tooth chamber (which is not as good as the sbp chamber) but i modified the stock muffler to work on it.
    I added about a 7" pipe after the chamber, and then added the stock muffler to it.
    i removed the end cap which has the baffle and baffle plate welded to it, and i cut off the tiny little pipe where the exhaust exits the muffler. I pushed the whole assembly up inside the muffler housing so that the muffler looks like a big open pipe at first glance. I used 3 rivits to hold the end cap up inside the muffler housing.
    one thing to consider is removing the cateletic "device" that is in the muffler. it's located at the top of the muffler right after where the head pipe enters the muffler. it should be held in with one phillips head screw that is visible on the outside of the muffler.
    all the cateletic thing does is eventually get clogged up with oil and restrict exhaust flow. all it is, is small section of steel pipe, with corrugated thin steel wrapped up inside it.


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    That is one killa bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!