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    Phase one on the Huffy-Puch was a small glasspack muff (I made) on top of the engine then a down pipe to a 3/4 " cigar shaped muff and out. This made great power but was a tad too loud for me.

    Phase two- put exhaust back and into the same glasspack and down into a drilled out Puch muffler ( which had rediculously small passages prior to my drilling). This was super- quiet. I could barely hear the put-put of the exhaust. Humm. The Puch muff was just a hollow tube with a series of baffles in the end (removable for cleaning- and drilling!). But the legnth and baffles apparently are super- effective.

    Phase three- Remove the little glasspac and put in a straight pipe in it's place.
    Result- perfect. Sounds quiet but with a little ex. note.
    Still with great power.

    Hey, this moped muff is taking the bark out of a 9 hp engine ( HF 212 clone with now unrestricted intake and ex.)
    Yes- these motors are strangled with tiny exhaust pipes and stock intake and dyno at 9 hp for both the blue 196 cc and black 212cc engines.

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