Exhaust exhaust gasket...



any good ideas on replacing the exhaust gasket it seems like i go through them like crazy i have gasket material but anything paper or cork seems to burn out or blow out seems like it needs a pretty strong material to keep the seal. althought it is kinda cool when the gasket is half gone sounds like a VW lol....




i would go to autozone if u have one near you and go ask them for the gasket materal (you have to cut ur own gasket) and ask them for the best silicone it costs about 6 dollars it has worked for me for over 2 weeks and it shows no sign of giveing out on me also i would double bolt the studs when u get the stuff trust me it will be worth it


Tell them you are making an exhaust gasket.

Alternately you can use fiberglass- a couple layers. (use the stuff you buy for auto body work, or if you are near some water, get "decking cloth")

It's a bit tricky to work with, but I made exhaust gaskets for my Honda 90 and they have been in there for a loooong time now.
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