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May 9, 2008
So I noticed my muffler falling off yesterday as I was riding the bike around town. This morning I decided to tighten the muffler back on to the bolts mounted out of the motor. All of a sudden the Bolt snapped. What do I do? Can these bolts be taken out of the motor and replaced? Would a pair of vice grips and a pair of engine mounting studs from dax do the trick? Has anyone had this happen to them?
yes these bolts can come out, they are called studs, if there is any of it sticking out that you can get a pair of vice grips on it and just turn them to unscrew them. If there is none of it sticking out then you will have to drill it out. Post a pic of it if you can. Try going to some hardware stores and look for a 6mm stud, (just ask the people at the store if they have them), I have used just a 6mm bolt that was long enough and cut the head off of it. Make sure that you dont over tighten them when you put it back into the head as you may strip the threads. I hope this helps you out, I have also had alot of problems with my exhaust, try adding a little bit of the blue loc tite to your nuts that you put onto the studs so that they dont vibrate off.
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One of mine broke off too. I had to drill it like has already been suggested. The bolt is a lot harder than the engine block so the bit has a tendency to slip off. I ended up putting a hole through that comes out between the fins. I put a heavy piece of wire through and twisted it. Works okay. Hope you have beter luck.

Once you get it out buy cap screws at your local hardware store. I dont have the exact measurements right now but if you need them I can find the receipt