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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by adam.mahmoud, Jan 16, 2015.

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    Hi everyone!
    Today I took of the standard muffler from my 49cc motorized bicycle and found that it was 10 km faster than usual! But it was also ALOT louder, I also realised that the engine didn't "rattle" anymore. So the only downside is that is was a heck of a lot louder! Can anyone help me! I want to keep the muffler off without out it being so loud!

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    Don't operate the bike very long without the exhaust pipe attached. It can permanently damage your engine and your relations with your neighbors. A performance exhaust like the one sold by sickbikeparts.com can provide extra power without so much exhaust noise. There must be engine vendors that will ship a performance exhaust down under.
    -There are also some threads about modifying the stock exhaust pipe for more power. These threads usually involve drilling more holes or enlarging existing holes in the tubes that are within the stock muffler. Worth a try.
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    You need to look up the definition of a muffler
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    if you've got any buddies who can weld, get a kx65 pipe and have them weld a flange for your bike to it
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    Well removing the end of your muffler & remove the baffles helps.It takes a bit of grinding
    because the baffles are tack welded, but not hard.I would then drill extra holes in the end cap.

    I then put the end cap back on & tack welded on.If you have no welder, sheet metal screws
    from the hard wear store should do.It will be a little louder, but not bad at all.

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    im still trying to find a "no exhaust causes engine damage" advocate to explain to me exactly HOW having no muffler can cause engine damage... mainly because it doesnt, they just like squawking like parrots, bleating like sheep, letting others do the thinking for them, im sure you get the drift....

    rip all the baffles out of the existing muffler, change its outlet from 10mm to 16mm, etc etc... all these lil things that a welder really helps with!
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