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    I just completed my rerouted exhaust pipe this weekend (see pic). The exhaust routes down, around and back up over the rear tire. The pipe and muffler are heavy enough to do damage to the engine with vibration and bumps along the road, if left unsupported.

    Welding the pipe to the frame will probably be too rigid and cause breakage as well.

    Just wanted to throw this out to see if anyone has come up with a good way to secure a pipe that allows the following
    1) a little give so vibration and bumps don't break anything
    2) enough support so engine doesn't break

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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    It looks good. The only thing that comes to my mind is spring mounting. Places like Lowe's have small springs (both compression and extension), usually in the hardware section.
  3. Mountainman

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    yes -- where that muffler pipe thing comes up by your seat

    should be able to get something in there -- reinforcement

    because it does look to be pretty long with nothing holding it towards the end

    ride that THING
  4. I used rubber gasket material wrapped around the muffler, and plumbers perforated strapping over that when I had my original muffler, and anchored to the bottle cage mount. I would think you would be able to do the same anchored to the seat post bolt. Here is a pic without the rubber under the strapping...........

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  5. alex

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    If your not concerned about looks, I just used a little screw on pipe clamp.

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    all good suggestions

    All of your comments confirmed that this is something I need to fix and got me thinking. I went up in the attic to find some stuff for the custom tank I'm going to build, and stumbled across an old set of rollerblade wheels. They are heavy enough dampen vibration with inertia and flexible enough to give on the big bumps. The pipe could pass through the center of the wheel. I have to figure out how to the attach wheel to the frame at the perimeter, but that shouldn't be too challenging.

  7. QuadManiac

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    Looks very nice! What did you use for pipe, thinwall conduit?

    You can get inexpensive universal muffler support brackets at your local auto parts store that consist of a clamp, a short piece of hard rubber and a length of heavy perforated plumber's tape... you should be able to adapt one of those for your needs.
  8. rbtp

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    Yup, just electrical conduit. It was easy to bend and easy to weld. Just had to be careful not to breath the fumes.

    Thanks for the tip, I'll check out the auto parts store after work.