Exhaust pipe falls out, missing flange or o-ring?

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  1. dakota_in_the_sky

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    Hello All,

    I have a '99 WC-1 with the 20" rims.

    The exhaust pipe keeps falling out of the motor. I can shove it back in, but it gets loose again. Not sure what keeps it on, if it's an O-ring or flange or other bolt. What ever it is, can someone please let me know so I can search for the name/part number and buy one?

    Many thanks for reading - Rob

  2. jbcruisin

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    From the factory there's a set screw that holds the pipe in. Replace the set screw with a bolt & nut. Tighten the bolt & use the nut so the bolt doesn't come loose. IMG_0818.JPG
  3. dakota_in_the_sky

    dakota_in_the_sky New Member

    Many thanks! -Rob
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    Any tips on installation for this? I am having the same problem