Exhaust problem on bike

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by conor mitnick, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. conor mitnick

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    Every time I ride my exhaust always falls off no matter what. It just loosens up and falls off or becomes loose and very loud. How can I prevent this. I've lost a couple baffles as well. Also can I make my own baffle out of something and how can I make the banana exhaust quiet I tried buying it since I saw it has no baffle that comes out. But now it's very loud and I don't really like it because of that any help would be great.

  2. Frankfort MB's

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    Loctite should help with the loosing bolt issue

    As for the baffle problem, you should be able to hook up a small muffler off a lawn mower and that would quieten the engine a little
  3. Frankenstein

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    I second locktight, you can also lock two nuts together by tightening them together holding the muffler down nice. Banana boat muffler baffling is easy, friend does this and it's modular (can be changed eadily) drill a small hole half an inch to an inch up from the end of the tailpipe, stick pot scrubbers, steel wool (might rust), or even fiberglass muffler stuffing (used for dirt bikes and the alike) into the end, past the hole, then stick a self tapping screw in the drilled hole to. Keep it there. Too loud? Add more. Too quiet? Take a bit out.

    And 1 to 3 you go from cop magnet to silent assassin if that's your dream job in under 15 minutes.
  4. conor mitnick

    conor mitnick New Member

    Thanks for the tips now I have an issue where my bucking bar goes all the way in. It just slides in when its suppose to stick out. Why is that.
  5. Frankenstein

    Frankenstein Well-Known Member

    You lost the bucking ball, it's a ball bearing that rests behind the backing bar, it may have fallen out when you took the bar out, look around the work area for a greasy metal ball about the same diameter as the bar, you could double check to see if it's in the engine by putting a strong magnet on the end of the bucking bar, and put the other end in the engine and pull it out, tap it a around a little if you need to to confirm it's there or not.

    Is almost definitely not there and you need it because it acts as the bearing between the non spinning clutch arm and the very much spinning clutch plate. Put a lot and I mean a lot of grease in that hole.