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  1. F4R00QU33

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    Hi, i just finished my bike and took it for a trip to my girlfriends house 1 mile away and back. by the time i got back the exhaust was smoking and the paint was starting to bubble, am i running it too fast? is this normal during break-in?

  2. Mountainman

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    ride the motor bike

    yes pretty darn normal

    any paint on any parts that will be getting very hot
    will at the least -- smell somewhat for the first miles -- hour or two

    even new cars sometimes under the hood once hot -- smell a little funny

    should be no problem -- have fun as you

    ride the motor bike
  3. F4R00QU33

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    Thanks for the quick response.
  4. MotorBicycleRacing

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    You have the kit with the black exhaust that the end is welded shut on?

    I used to sell those and the paint is just carp so they bubble and smoke....
    you will have to sand it and repaint with some decent heat resistant paint

    The kits I sell now have chrome exhausts that are pretty nice, strong
    long and quiet

    So you aren't running it too fast......and it's only normal for cheap Chinese paint
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    Doesn't sound like any problem out of the ordinary,just don't play boy-racers till it's properly broken-in.
    Let's put it another way...............i wouldn't drop my girlfriend for it. :evilgrin: