Exhaust Exhaust temp setup (possibly permanent?)

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by t14revolution, Oct 20, 2008.

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    So I was riding my moped one day, and all of a sudden loud popping! searched the forum and found out about the gasket possibly bad. Took the exhaust off and checked the gasket and it was fine. Then I looked at the exhaust. . . something seemed to be missing. . .


    yes something definitely was missing. The metal covering and the small pipe at the end. . . so friend suggested to fashion a replacement out of wood. I can't think of much problem with it, the worse that could happen is the wood comes out shattered and popping sound again. I know the exhaust gets hotter then the wood, so the wood has no chance of expanding the exhaust to the point of cracking it. I've seen the beer can exhaust mod, and figured this isn't much different from it?

    Other than the bottom not having a pipe, which we could put in, I can't think of anything that is wrong with this setup. Any advice and solutions would help. The wood hasn't been bolted in yet, to give it the chance to come shooting out if it needed to. It's fit in there pretty snug. Has been running for the past few days fine. I think its sounds a bit louder? hard to tell since I can't remember how loud the engine was with stock, but its a lot quieter than the loud popping that occurred when the bottom piece fell out.


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    that takes the cheese cake.
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    To be honest I cant see it lasting more than a week, after 30 minutes of riding and surely it will just catch fire. Whatever you do though do not run it without that end cap, it may be faster and louder, but it is causing serious damage to your engine without the backpressure. It will run too lean, overheat and possibly seize up.
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    Happened to me 2 times.

    First time was my first ride of the bike, hadn't tighened it enough. went back and found it.

    Second was coming home from work one night and it pinged out.

    went back up road, found it. Tossed in box on back of bike, but the ******* thing bounced out on the way home, never to be seen again.

    So im searching around my garage for something to use.

    My solution, a Bicycle Bell top.

    Drill the middle out to fit the bolt. Drill a hole in the side of it somewhere ~8-10mm diameter (cant remeber what i used exactly) Screw it on and be happy. It wont fit on perfectly as the bolt hole aint central. But does the trick.

    I have been riding with this on my exhaust for about 5 months now with no issues. More power and the noise is aceptable, and is alot kinda, throatier, has a good note.

    O, i have been told that because of this it is no longer in its optimum power band and i top out going down hill very rapidly. Apparently to get best power combo is to cut off the baffle down to the last chamber, but not the whole way like mine currently is.

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    The little screws that hold that end plate on fell out immediately on my first ride. I used pop-rivets to put it back on...hasn't loosened up since.
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    ooo the bell top idea is great. I will look into that.
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    the **** thing caught on fire!!!!

    naw just kidding. it's still up and running, and working just fine. From a scientific standpoint I still can't see how this would catch on fire. Applying constant heat doesn't ignite this type of wood on fire even at the high temp. . . even if you threw a match on it, the match would go out before the wood even caught the flame. no tinder or embers existing or constant flamage to really ignite this wood. unless I'm completely wrong, but my survival/hiking buddies say it most likely won't go into flames (they make fire without matches). maybe some fire specialist can put some insight?

    this is still a temporary set up, I think I will do the bell method mentioned earlier, with a slight modification.
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    wood with very hot things -- will not last forever -- but -- may surprize us ???

    burning ceder sure would smell nice !!!

    ride that thing
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    If it catches on fire, get pics or better a vid!