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I'd like my bike to be a little louder. Is it ok to run with no exhaust? Also is there any companies out there that make different pipes for these 80cc engines?
Rusty...DO NOT run it withou the exhaust. If you must have it louder, remove part or all of the baffle inside the muffler.

Did I ask you where in Ahia you were?
Yeah links dead...

I was looking back at dax to see how to do it again, and i couldnt get it, If anyone can tell us how??
unscrew the screw on the end of muffler,
take the end cap off...might be pretty tight (I used channel-locks on mine)
you can either experiment by drilling holes in the tube connected to the end cap...
or, just cut it off (I left approx 1")
hope that helps :D