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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by jhendrix, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. jhendrix

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    I was wondering how people feel about these, i was looking at the one that SBP sells and am curious if it is worth the money and if it is an easy install. Any help is appreciated

  2. gothicguy64

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    think of it this way the stock pipe works but do racing 2 stroke bikes use stock .

    depending on ur motor size u have to cut a small copper tube to fine tune and its dead easy to fit .

    my motor is only a 48cc but it is fully worked an now i have a heep of sbp bits .

    motor= rse hp1 but made to hp2.5 specs
    sbp = shiftkit, exhaust , low profile filter, metal throttle , rocker kill switch , hix
    plug , 2 inch front mount and a wider sealed bottom bracket .

    when i got my bike it went 65 kph after 600 km i am now hoping on going even faster but i now need fuel line ,jb weld,plus a saw to cut tube to tune
    ohh i forgot these motors are all orig russian m21,s (2 strokes) but good luck finding a m21 ,one went on sale 4 yrs ago and sold for more than 1000.

  3. jhendrix

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    ok so my motor is 66cc and i've upgraded the carb and air filter so what kind of exhaust do you recommend?
  4. retromike3

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    I really like S.B.P. tuned pipe

    When I put the pipe on my old motor It was like a adding a supercharger. My bike could now go up the same hills I used have to pedal without having to pedal at all. It made a major difference right away. Nothing else I have done has made such a dramatic change in the performance.

    I did note that my gas milage did go down a bit but the increase in power makes up for that loss.

    It did take me a while to get it "tuned" correctly. I started by cutting a very small part of the copper pipe that connects the block to the first part of the pipe in order to get the power band right were I wanted it,so I never took more than a sixteenth of a inch off at a time.

    One of the effects of the pipe is that the power band is a much smaller area than the stock pipe, but with that much more" bang" its worth the sacrifice.

    I broke a motor mount on my old engine so when I went to reinstall my pipe I had to replace the copper tube that went from the block to the first part of the pipe because it had melted. It cost me a grand total of two dollars and thirty cents to replace it. More expensive than that was the new set of heat resistant tubing (about ten bucks) but as far as I am concerned the total price of that pipe is worth its wait in gold.

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  5. gothicguy64

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    hey mike what size motor u using and how much u cut off ur tube to tune it ?

  6. jhendrix

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    That sounds awesome and exactly like what i want, im not to sure what you mean about the powerband and how do you know when it it "tuned"
  7. gothicguy64

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    ok its time u went to sick bike parts and asked the pros .