expansion pipes

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by sully1617, Apr 28, 2016.

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    i'm gonna touch on this subject again. i'm looking to get a expansion chamber but have no knowledge on what to buy as for as cubic inch, bend, length, quality and brand. can the community help me out with this? i'm running a true grubee 66cc that i bought in 2011 that is a highbrid of the gt5 and a gt5a. apparently they were in a changeover when i bought this and it's made it a bit confusing when buying spare parts such as pistons and heads. i had to read a lot to figure this all out.
    it still runs great and just recently had my first breakdown. magneto i believe but didn't check it i just put on a new one and a new cdi. i will check them later on a repair job for my kids bike. i also now keep a spare of each in my tool bag because it sucks trying to pedal a 70 plus lb. bike with a 240 lb. fatass on top miles in the middle of the night to get back home. funny now but not when it happened,