experienced motor bicyclist looking to start a club for people to ride wtih

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    im dan-o ive been building these "hogs" since 2009 and my first was a china girl on a mountain bike, then now i got my nellusso roadster "grubee gt5" beach cruiser and a murray siesta key "142f and crappy gt5 tranny but i worked out all the kinks with super glue lol" ive got over 4000 miles combined miles on my motorized bicycles and im a die hard i also have a kawasaki ninja but i ride my hogs more, looking for other people looking to just put miles on our bikes and have fun riding, if you ever need advice on upgrades ill tell you what i know, at garys tall madge mower i can help with spark plug replacements the original one is crapp but i usually replace it with an autolite216 for the grubee gt5 and china girls and i cut lawnboy air filters to fit it, but the most important part is drilling a hole for the idler pulley bracket most [eople dont know that but thats me i know enough but i mostly just love riding lemme know if you wanna go for a ride im always down!:cool:

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    im new here but ive been doing this for a bit

    i started in 09 and i have over 4000 miles combined on my 3 ive had 2 are still running one gt5 2011 and a 2012 142f i love riding these "hogs" even more than my kawasaki ninja 250r 2009 special edition lol but looking to put together a motorized bicycle club, to ride together in akron ohio lemme know if interested
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