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    Hello All...

    First, I live on the very outskirts of Columbia, South Carolina in a semi rural area of mostly housing developements.

    In the past few days, I have now past three seperate cop cars who did not even slow down or touch the brakes as I was riding in the shoulder of the roadway.

    I built, and was riding my bicycle with my 6.5 hp pusher trailer attached (see picture) going between 10 and 20 miles per hour on these three occasions wearing sunglasses and no bike helmet.

    I do not know if I am daring enough yet to ride the 15 miles to get downtown, but all is clear for us MB'ers her in South Carolina.

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    hi beaudry; i like that idea, can you show more detail. please show attatching points. thanks mitch
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    Are you the one on E Bay selling this ??
  4. s_beaudry

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    Yes, the one on Ebay is my pusher trailer...

    Actually I am building another one right now that will be the sale item on ebay, all the same specs of course!
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    I now have an album on here under my user name that shows more detailed shots of the trailer and attaching points....
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    I thought it was the same one. Hard to tell exactly how you are hitched up to the seatpost. I used to live in Spartanburg & spent a good bit of time in Cola.
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    That thing must haul with 6.5HP. Have you tried off-roading or really "pushing" the limits of this thing to see what its capable of? Cool stuff, must be really quiet all the way back there.
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    Yes to both!

    I took her down a long dead end street wheree there are no houses being built and opened her up all the way.... All I can say is when I hit about 40+ mph on level ground, I was way too scared of wiping out and had to back her down quickly. She has way more then I will want to use!

    Went into a grassy area to test her for power and traction in the grass, and I was quite surprised to see her handling it very well. The wheels did not slip at all, even going up a slight incline, and the trailer is heavy enough to stay planted to the ground.

    At this point, with about 30 miles of real world testing on her, I am fairly certain she could be hooked to a tandem bike and be able to support two good sized riders!

    I am on and off the throttle with her, so mostly she idle as I coast, she is very quiet back there, sometimes I look back to make sure she is still there!