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  1. I am about thisclose to taking my first test ride of course photos will be provided of my creation once it is fully tested.

    My question is what kind of reception should I expect from the local law enforcement if they are encountered?

    Anyone have any stories?

    I plan on riding on the side streets and obeying all traffic signals and rules of the road.

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    Hi, SVH
    Here's a link to a thread about ILLINOIS laws. It looks dicey...


    So far, I've had no problems for the past month. But, I disengage the engine when I'm in town.

    Good luck!
    Steve G.
    Grants Pass, Oregon
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    My question is what kind of reception should I expect from the local law enforcement if they are encountered?

    svhigh -- looks like you may need some things there so as to be legal.. License plate, drivers license and more I guess ?? When I see the pooolice like many on this site -- I pedal !! Happy Riding from - Mountainman
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    My bike is illegal. I ride by cops all the time and they no nothing. I just start pedaling so it looks like a normal bicycle. A few times they popped out of no where. I didn't have time to kill the engine and pedal. They didn't mess with me. I have rode thousands of miles and have never been pulled over.
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    That's the experience that I'm hoping for! I did pick up some paperwork today from the currency exchange (who handles many DMV tasks) and MAY try to apply for a title for my bike, so that I can register the thing as a moped. I haven't looked at the form yet to see if there are any "gotcha's" that will prevent me from getting a title for it......I'll take a look soon and see if it makes sense to try!

  7. Keep me posted I would rather pay a little to be legal and not have to keep looking over my shoulder.

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    You know what SVH? It just seems like a HUGE hassle. I don't even know if Illinois HAS "moped" plates anymore....I can't find any reference to them on the DMV website. And if they want me to license the bicycle as a motorcycle....that's not going to happen! I want to ride it like a bicycle! I'm just going to keep riding it until I have a problem. Hopefully that will never happen. I will likely make my first trip into work with it next week, which is 20 miles each way. I'm still considering different routes....

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    I'm with Warner on this one...
    I posted at length on the Oregon law mess for MB. If it requires all the same junk as I do for my street motorcycle (Honda 650), then I'll just ride the motorcycle.
    I continue to ride daily on the MB (recumbent Rans) without problems. I saw a Sheriff yesterday and I IMMEDIATELY started pseudo-pedaling (which I do EVERY TIME I see a cop) and he whizzed by me without even looking. Again. This is the 2nd or 3rd time a County Sheriff has ignored me.
    In downtown, however, I disengage the engine and pedal. I've passed 2-3 City cops that way without incident.
    However, now that I have a 4 stroke engine which is whisper-quiet at low RPM, I may push it a little more and pedal with the engine idling to help me. It helps a lot and I'm sure you can't hear it if you're in your car with the air conditioner, radio, etc. blasting.
    I have no illusions; I KNOW most cops will not care to argue about the technicalities of the law with me on the street. They will either think it's cool and just chat or they will be scared by the unknown and want to kill it (give me a ticket).
    I'm still waiting for someone to report on a full blown incident with a ticket, court date, appearance, argument, decision, appeal, etc.
    Also, FWIW, I carry a copy of the Oregon Pocket Guide to motor assisted bicycling laws which I plan to show to any interested cop who stops me. It simply doesn't answer the question and I'm curious how they'd react to it.
    Finally, I always wear a helmet now, I have a mirror, I ride carefully according to the normal bicycle rules and I'm adding a set of front and rear lights as soon as they arrive.
    The thing I don't want to do is to have to license, register, insure, etc. the thing. That will kill it for me.

    Good luck and please report any thoughts, experiences, etc.
    Steve G
    Grants Pass, Oregon
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    And there's nothing like ghost-pedaling at 30+ mph to put a smile on your face! Hahahaha!

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    I've motored by countless police. They either ignore me or they smile and wave.
    The cops in my village and neighboring towns know exactly who I am and exactly what I'm doing and they don't seem to care a bit.

    I'm certain that practically anywhere you must give them a reason to be mad at you before they'll bother you.

    Now that I've painted this rosie picture, I've probably jinxed you. :)
    I hope not.

    But I'm pretty certain that you'll have no trouble as long as you ride in a manner that gives off "safe vibes".
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    im just gonna buy some mace. if i get pulled over, i will mace the **** outta some1 and take off.
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    G'luck. :rolleyes:

    Dont get hit by some blind-ed (PO-ed) motorist....
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    Hyperbole, I sincerely hope.

    Pull something like that, you "might" get away. Every cop in the region will be hunting you, and every other person on a motorized bike, a moped, a scooter, or even light motorcycles will curse your name. Assaulting police officers will quite possibly get some poor unsuspecting motorized bike rider killed when he or she reaches in a bag or pocket for their ID.

    Even as a joke, it's in incredibly bad taste.
  15. stringer

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    im still buying mace and no1 can stop me.
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    There's aways that bad apple.

    I'll bring the scraper. Nothing like roadki!!.
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    Oh speaking of apples, check out these big apples. I had them mounted yesterday. They are awesome. Piece by piece this MB is coming together. And quite nicely too.

    And i was j/k about the mace. :grin:

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    NIze wheel:shock:Where's the other one. (WHA, wheres the RST?)

    RST in peace, bruthah.
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    the other one is one the back rim, near where i'll be mounting that can of mace!
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    OK, try to pull the pin out before insertion....