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    Hey, I'm Tommy from Cali's gold country. I recently tried to reconnect with an old love - the Solex, only to find that the new one I'd reserved was too small and too cheaply built. (Good thing I didn't buy it! ;^) So, still wanting a pedal-powered motor bicycle over a scooter, I explored the net again. The last time I did so, I found the "Whizzer" up at a shop along the Northern California coast, back in 2001. It also was too small for my 6' 2" frame. Today though, I see new options.

    So I've explored and have decided (partially with your help) that the GEBE set up looks to work best for me. I liked Spooky too (they sure look terrific), but need the shifting capability in the hills here. So now what I need to do is look over the local bike shops and try to find the right mountain bike, since my Trek crossbike looks too "light" to take on the engine (plus it's too narrow in back anyways).

    I'm looking forward to searching suggestions as to what kind of bike works best, so would welcome your input. Your community looks good! :^)

    In the meantime if you're wondering where I got my name? Lookup the dot-com on it. Yep, that's me... (And the kids/girlfriends love it! ;^)


    Tommy (imythyou.com)

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    hey Tommy, welcome aboard
    I'm sure you've seen a lot of the info round here
    this site is great, all the info you need, and helpful people too.
    good luck and happy motoring