Expression of interest second South Aussie MBc run. Discussion thread.

Discussion in 'Races, Events & Group Rides' started by Simon_A, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Simon_A

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    Hello everyone, well as one of the newest MB riders, I would like to meet the fellow South Aussie that are smart enough to own one of these blendings of the humble bicycle and the two stroke motor.

    I though instead of starting a thread about us all meeting "here", and on "this day", lets discuss what days are good, and most importantly what days are bad, so we can formulate an idea of when we can all be free to meet, to get the maximum amount of members, and the greatest showing of these humble modes of transport.

    Also an idea of where all of the members live and where would be a good staring/finishing point for the run. Also any specific stops or sights along the way.

    So I will start, the next public holiday after the next weekend is the 6th of Oct. A bit far away. But one we could still earmark for a meeting, the brunt of winter will have passed us by then.

    As far as weekends I prefer Sundays over Saturdays, but that doesnt mean Saturdays are totally out though.

    Apart from that I am pretty casual as to the rest of the details. If the meeting place is too far from my place, bicycles are allowed on trains, so that is a easy way to move swiftly to the meeting place. If it was the same as the first run, I would just get the train to the city and ride from there, for example.

    I would like us to put on a good showing for the greater good of MBc so a popular public place would be good to visit, say the coffee shop at the entrance of tea tree plaza. Just an example of a place that would generate a good deal of public awareness of the bikes. City and the bay would be another good run.

    We have heaps of good places to go, and I could type pages of idea's but lets do it as a community and organise the next rally :):D:)

  2. fredie

    fredie Member

    i could ride down too sa from sydney :smile:
  3. Simon_A

    Simon_A Member

    Sweet mate, assuming you would only ride a max of 10 hours a day at a sustained 40kph that means you would need to set off 4 days before the rally to meet us.

    Will be good to see you there *grins*
  4. will_start

    will_start Member

    just a crazy thought...

    i'd ride there to get away from the weather here at the moment.

    40 hours at 40km/hr = 4,000 km

    i think it would be more like 20 km/hr as you be forever getting
    blown off the road by semis doing 130km/hr.

    me...i prefer a 4 hour flight at 1,000 km/hr,
    i'm only in this game cause i'm lazy :shock:

    hey maybe we could have a national Oz MBC bike ride day.

    just a crazy thought...
  5. Simon_A

    Simon_A Member

    Well doesnt look like anyones interested. Hopefully after winter we can all get together.
  6. ashman

    ashman Guest


    hay ya im keen as for a ride day i only have sunday's avalible (work on saturday) i recon start at ttp and then go to town via the torrens trail then from town down to the bay .......????? would make a good day out
  7. quay1962

    quay1962 Guest

  8. ashman

    ashman Guest

    ride day

    hay im ok to ride rain hail or shine it dont bother me one little bit but dont expect me out on a day with some nice wind around ill be at the park flying kites lol
  9. ashman

    ashman Guest

    ride day

    hay for those that dont work during the first half of the week wanna catch up for a ride ????

    just got my bike workin again lol i should get off my *** and take some pics but cant be stuffed yet its one of those works in progress bikes lol
  10. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    hi all
    I'm always in for a ride , weather permitting.
    Bugga about the train, i was really hoping to do grange to city then to elizabeth, to hook up easily with some northern members.

    Has any member here had train "problems" or is it transadelaide LAW regarding this ?

    PM me about any rides, & I'll be with you.
  11. Simon_A

    Simon_A Member

    Would probably take me 45mins to ride there at a rough guess.

    A fair ride, but Im up for it.

    That really sucks about the train, I intended to use the train from smithfield to dry creek for a work run and bike it the rest of the way (I work about 6 kays from dry creek station). How likely would it be for them to know about it if I was on?

    I was also thinking about getting a bit of canvas, 2mtrs by 1 mtr, and draping it over the top of the bike from the front of the tank to over the back seat. Would say its to keep my bike dry. Would they be allowed to look under the cover?
  12. BoltsMissing

    BoltsMissing Active Member

    A removable petrol tank might do the trick. You make a specialy fitted tank from one of those lawmower containers. It's the only plastic container they let ya fill at petrol stations.

    Rig one of those up somehow so it comes off conveniently and put the container in a back-pack before you get on the train.

    All ya doing is peddling a bike with a motor, but it don't run cos it has no fuel tank. When ya get off the train, clip on the fuel tank and way ya go !
  13. Simon_A

    Simon_A Member

    That might work. fabricate a quick release fitting for the existing petrol tank and use a petrochemical quick connect with double ball valves for the fuel line.

    That way I can remove the tank and put it safely in my backpack.

    The fuel line quick release is easy, blackwoods should have something, failing that BMW motorbikes have quick release fittings on their fuel lines.

    The only one that requires thought is the quick release for the tank.
  14. Bogaurd

    Bogaurd Member

    I've taken my motored bike on the train a few times, not had any problems so far... :smile:

    Anyway, I'd be keen for a ride too!
  15. wheelsy

    wheelsy New Member

    id be keen for a ride and meet im at valley view s.a. im free on the weekends
  16. Happyzeds

    Happyzeds New Member

    Count me in- I'm at Mawson Lakes.
  17. Simon_A

    Simon_A Member

    Well it seems there are a few of us. So bearing in mind the weather, how much advanced notice do people need for a ride?

    Gives us basically a weeks forecast for the weather, so the next weekend that seems fine will be good?

    I did a 40km ride this evening, so my bike is going from strength to strength. I am still basically running it in, but if I know we are going to meet for a ride soon, then I can do that run every day to clock up the kays. Having typed that I might do that anyway :lol::D
  18. Simon_A

    Simon_A Member

    Okay Bolts has put forward next weekend.

    The BOM says the weather is turning late in the week, so as a suggestion lets make it next weekend, but if the weather turns ****, exactly 1 week later. I can run a poll say mid week to see peoples preferances.

    I looked through all 55 pages of the memebrs list and found the following Adelaidians.

    go you good thing
    mean lean
    screaming emu

    I would say some arent active members but we have a few members. Now its just a matter of which day and where shall we all meet?

    Once we can agree on a central point to meet we can formulate a run.

    Any suggestions?
  19. wheelsy

    wheelsy New Member

    we could meet on linear park maybe ? it depends where everyone is from. i have a trailer i can take mine and my sons bike maybe another
  20. Simon_A

    Simon_A Member