Extended HT Fuel Range.



For ppl going on an extended trip premix your oil with petrol(AKA,gas) in this hip flask and take it with u (premix to your own specs)
It's then easier to tip this less concentrated oil/gas mixture in your fuel tank when your refueling.Remember to still shake your tank WELL.

BTW...it sayes "Happy 18th Birthday" cos all those ones were half-price. :)

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Man I was thinking the exact same thing! But I was thinking more like have the gas with the correct premix so when you actually run out of gas,that bottle should be good for another...20 miles?
But I like your idea. Imagine the looks when you pour that flask down your tank at the pumps.
I got a large aluminum water bottle (camping) from ChinaMart and it works great! I bungie cord it to my frame for long rides.
Hey here's a nice little item. I bet it would fit in my tool pouch and it's apparantly safe for fuels.That would mean it won't be like a bomb and if I'm stopped I won't look like a terrorist holding a bomb in the eyes of the law!
But then again...naw. At least it's written on the bottle. That should prevent you from getting shot. :D


(edit) HAHAHAHA!!!

The cuss word thing blocked the website.

It's d i c k s sportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2141451

That may be hard to fill at the pumps though.


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Hey Large, that looks exactly like a MRS bottle, only different color. I know a gas pump nozzle will JUST fit inside a MRS bottle, don't know about that one though.
I would actually need to go see it myself. It does look like it would just fit.
But if your running a 2 stroke it wouldn't matter. I mix my fuel in a gallon container then pour it in my tank. I assume I would best pour the premix in that container too.
Cool. I guess as long as it's air tight it shouldn't be any different than one made for fuel.
Do you have a link to the chinamart one?