Exhaust extension muffler doesn't exactly fit and needs bending. Help!

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    it's not a perfect fit near the top connector parts and needs bending about a good 2 inches to the left to be able to screw in. Any suggestions on the best way to bend it without ruining it? I've already tried a small amount of bending it with muscle but it seems like it will get ruined by the looks of the dent in it from the first try so I want to ask the experts before I ruin it; whats the best and safest way to not ruin it without many tools or welding expertise. Thanks


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    I've come across the same obstacle.
    Only two suggestions I can think of are:
    1 if appearance doesn't matter, cut the pipe where it needs to be bent and install a piece of flexline from a gas range of slightly larger diameter. Secure it with either pipe or radiator hose clamps.
    2: short of buying a map gas torch or pipe bending tools, you'll need to go to an actual muffler shop or plumber with pipe bending tools. That can be a pricey. Option...

    I went the flex line route. Now I can shape the 'pipe' to fit any where I need. But I'm on my commuter bike. Its not being entered in any show and shine competitions. FB_IMG_1413255836696.jpg
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    without a pic of how it looks held up to the bike, it is hard to say what's needed - if it is just a rotation needed, then one hole can be elongated up & the other elongated down

    engine mounts can be shifted up or down to change the angle of the motor in the frame too
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    finally got it on. Took it to a muffler shop and they heated it and bent and few times. then finally cut the flange and repositioned it which was the ticket. Works and sound good

    PICT1411.jpg PICT1418.jpg PICT1421.jpg PICT1422.jpg PICT1424.jpg
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    By now your likely done with fitting it but there's no way to bend that without a torch and it's got to be red hot to bend in any direction your aware of that if you have not installed it yet. Your in luck if you have a vice and a propane torch with a tire iron or pipe wrench it will probably bend but the bend has got to be precise or the gasket will net more trouble.

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    yessir. Thats exactly how it was done
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