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    Im working on an OCC stingray build, but due to the longer wheelbase, the stock chain that comes with the kit would not be long enough to reach both sprokets. Does anyone know where i could buy a 2nd chain? Its the startdard type that comes with pretty much all HT motor kits. ive already checked out a couple websites, but they either didnt carry them, or were out of stock.

    Ill check with my local bike shop as well, but in case they dont have them, ill buy online...

  2. If 10ft is long enough, you can buy #41 chain at most hardware stores for under $15.
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    You can have mine for free ,if you send me a mailing address I will send it to you for the cost of shipping. for what its worth it would be easier for you to go to your local Tractor supply or small engine shop and buy #41 chain. not sure what lenght it comes in but the one I bought was enough for 2 bikes. Get some masterlinks while you are there too.
    Or you can have my old H.T. #415 crappy chain. MAC
  4. 10 foot lengths at TSC.......
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    well it seems that theres no Tractor Supply Co's within an hours drive of my location (nor are there any other shops that would carry the chain im looking for) ...that South Florida for ya...

    MotorMac, i might have to take you up on that deal for the chain....
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    thats weird

    You must have something in your area!! A small engine repair shop? Where do golf courses take their lawnmowers to get fixed?? I don,t know Florida that well as I,ve only been there a couple of times on scuba diving vacations, perhaps someone else in the Florida area knows of a place that has your #41 chain?
    Not a problem if you want my chain. Pm me your address and name and I will get back to you on the shipping cost.
  7. Got a Northern Tool, or a W W Grainger near you? Either on would probably have it, although I believe Grainger you have to hav a business license.......
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    that's right -- golf courses have many machines to keep a running

    Toro Lawn Company carries a lot of parts

    ride that thing
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    You can also use BMX chains 1/2 - 1/8 half link chains. The YBN is light and just as durable, if not even tougher.