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  1. I know everyone is into the MSR fuel bottles to carry extra fuel. I found aluminum water bottles in a variety of sizes at my local TJMaxx, for about $7 each. I picked up a .6l in red that I'm going to stencil the word gas on the side with yellow spray paint. the plastic cap is #4 plastic the same as my gas can and it has a silicone seal to make it water tight.

    Thought I'd let every know as it's a pretty good deal on the metal water bottle.:cool:

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    Sounds good - if the silicone seal last. Had one melt on me - back to using a water bottle - fits easy in holder - did buy a MSR bottle - just haven't given it a try yet - mouth of the MSR bottle looks small - staying with water bottle for now because - can see how much gas. Ride That Thing - Mountainman
  3. The silicone seal would be easy to replace with any sort of rubber, I think even a hose washer could fit over the cap.

    At $7 I'm willing to fiddle a little :)