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    Just wanted to see if any of you guys have made a extra wide bottom bracket, cranks, and spindle using a keyed shaft, tubing, and stock bicycle cranks? Need idea on how to make or find an extra wide bottom bracket setup for my the bike build I'm doing. I'm pretty much taking the motopeds.com setup on how they made their bottom bracket and doing it this way but trying to get other ideas or any suggestions for a extra wide bottom bracket setup...using a pit bike engine as well for my engine setup. thanks in advance to anyone who has done this or might have suggestions.

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    Bottom Bracket Cartridge 206mm $24.95

    Bottom Bracket Cartridge 206mm
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    Bottom bracket cartridge - 206 mm wide with 3/16 inch key way. Replacement for 4 Stroke Shift Kit or high quality replacement for the cup and cone style included in most 4 stroke engine kits. If you plan on using it to replace the one included in your 4 stroke engine kit you will need to make provisions for a chainring. Your option are to make a flat on the shaft to accommodate the cotter chainring or go with a front freewheel system