Extreme Noob Fuel Filter Question

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    I bought an in-line fuel filter for my HT. There was no filter on it when I bought the bike, so I have nothing to compare to. I have the filter that looks like a child's spinning top. Is the "top" part the "in" side with the "nose" being the "out" side? I have flip-flopped this darn thing about 5-6x and I can't make up my mind... Help, clueless in Tucson. :icon_cry:

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    Does it run poorly both ways ? is there something that shows the direction of fuel flow. dumb question hu. Go someware that sells fuel filters for lawn mowers and gt new if u think bad. 2-3$.
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    Thanks for the responses.
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    it doesnt reaaaaally matter. theres no oneway /backflow valve in them. its just a screen acrass a widened section of the fuel line... either way will do :)

    the paper element types, you usually mount with the dirty fuel from tank entering the outside of the element, so you can see how much crud its stopping (and any water!) :) whether it always lines up with the arrows or not is another matter entirely... as i said, theres no valves, just a filter.
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    yeah those round "top" looking filters just have a fine mesh screen in them, so those don't matter which way they go.
    if you have an autozone near you, go there and get one of these style filters.
    they're small (about an inch long), have a nice, real filter inside of them and they have an arrow showing the direction of flow. it's made to fit 1/4" i.d. fuel line...and they sell the line there as well. the bigger round end goes towards the carb and this is where all the crud is collected. the filter inside is narrower at the top than the bottom so the gas flows around the outside of the filter and then through the filter, and the crud can't get into the carb. the crud is collected outside of the filter and settles to the bottom. the good thing is that they are clear so you can see the build up of crud and you can also see if you have fuel flow. I run these filters with clear fuel line which allows me to see what's going on without pulling the fuel lines or filters off of my bikes.
    these filters are easy to clean as well but they don't come apart. i just spray a little brake clean in the filter, turn it upside down and tap it on the ground and the crud falls right out. it's amazing how much crud can be filtered out of gas, even if you have a clean gas tank.
    Part Number: 334283
    <a href="http://s42.photobucket.com/albums/e304/robriley/?action=view&amp;current=filter.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e304/robriley/filter.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
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    Just don't reverse the filter direction if you remove the line from the carb. You will backwash the filter and any contaminants straight into your carburetor. The clear vinyl hoses work ok, but they harden from chemicals in the fuel, and may become yellow or brittle. Its so cheap though you can just keep spares or replace them every year.
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    Great advice, ty guys for your time and effort. I promise my noobian butt appreciates the input. :devilish:
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    One more bit of information- I used a paper folded filter (like in one of the pics) and after a while, it would not flow. Turns out it needs to be used with a fuel pump and not a gravity feed.
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    those fine mesh filters are great there was an in tank filter i took out the day i got the bike only because it blocked up on the previous owner so he sold it cheap (he sold it in not running cond) and he didnt even check it:dunce: so i rely on the in line filter for keeping it clean and does well:D and looks better (braided fuel line??????)
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    Ooohhh, braided lines sound awesome! I went with clear lines cuz they look better then the black ones. Braided is even better!!! :bowdown:
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    The problem with braided steel line is the cost. you'd have to buy quite a bit of it in order to get the peice you need. you can't just buy a foot of it...you have to buy a bunch.
    Steel braided line takes special AN fittings which are threaded on one end with a special flair on the end. You may not find the line or fittings small enough to use for fuel line on your bike. The AN fittings will not work with the gas shut off valve anyway.
    The line and fittings can be expensive.

    An alternative would be braided line covering, which is a steel braided sleeve that you slide over regular fuel line. You have to buy it in a kit, and it comes with fake fittings that go over regular hose clamps, and they look very similar to the special AN fittings. Cutting this sleeve is difficult, but it can be done with a dremel tool and a cut-off wheel.
    But again, you'd have to buy a kit to get the sleeve and the fittings, and you may not find it in the right size.
    They do make the braided sleeve for small diameter vacuum lines so maybe you can find one small enough in one of the kits.
    I personally like the clear line.
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    Good to know. It definately doesn't seem worthwhile for 8 inches of line. Thanks for the heads up! :sweatdrop:
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    Check with your local Harley shop on the braided line covering
    they use it for oil lines
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    your right about price and fittings it can be difficult. im a diesel mechanic and our workshop is riddled with left over hose and old fittings taps ect, so its an easy one for me. but most likely a waste of time/money (impractical) to go and purchase everything from a store. im also toying with the idea of a secondary tank mounted to the rear rack as a back up/reserve possibly underneath. so i could carry stuff on the rack still ive got a brush cutter tank that fits nicely there and the filler is also accesable from the side. will keep u posted :)