Extreme-Scooters 98cc Whizzer enegine kit

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    Does anyone here have any expirence with this enngine kit? Also does anyone know if it will work wit SBP shift kit they told me at Extrem that it should with modifacations any one know what kind of mods are required? Thanks for the help.


  2. HoughMade

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    If that uses a true Whizzer engine, it will not work with the SBP kit without essentially rebuilding the whole kit.

    But there are some weird things about what they list there. They mention thr "98cc 2 stroke kit"- that is not a Whizzer engine, I can assure you. Be advised they are talking about 2 different kits. The Whizzer is 138ccs and 4 stroke (and not near 4.5 hp stock).

    The listing is confusing- I have never seen a 98cc 2 stroke bike engine kit Whizzer or not...and certainly Whizzer never made such a beast. I have never even heard of one a 98cc 2 stroke kit and a dare say that most people here have not. Even what is advertised as 80ccs is closer to 70ccs (and that's being generous). I would like to see a picture of that kit. The picture shown is the 138cc Whizzer 4 stroke and they show nothing about the alleged 98cc 2 stroke.

    Curious listing.
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  3. srdavo

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    the whizzer bikes they list are old(er) models, too.
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    98cc 2-stroke, You Decide !!

    I talked with Dave at Extreme-scooters.com yesterday.
    Very nice guy. He answered all my questions. He offered to email pics, if I sent an email request, to remind him later.

    As for the advertised Whizzer kits.... they do NOT have them in stock. He said they piece the kits together, per order. (he mentioned: engine, pulleys, belts, clutches, sheaves....)

    Now....about the 98cc Whizzer 2-stroke.....

    He said they were NEW, in stock......made in Taiwan. "4+ hp.... better than a whizzer" !!

    Our Email follows:
    Looks mighty fishy, to me..... Mighty Fishy!!

    Like I said.... You decide! :detective:
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  5. HoughMade

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    Why does that 98cc engine look so much like the 67cc engines advertised as 80ccs?
  6. Quenton Guenther

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    Time to smell the coffee!
    Whizzer USA does not make a 2-stroke motor kit. Although Whizzer has been informed of the mis-leading advertizing, they chose not to fight with the scooter company, not sure why. Whizzer stopped supplying the 138 CC 4 stroke kit over a year ago. They told me it was because an authorized Whizzer dealer was selling a motorbike using their motor and felt it was competition to them selling thier NE5 motorbike. They even told me they were going to use the excuse that they weren't making money on the motor kit. The part of their plan I found to be funny was they sold the last of the remaining kits to the Authorized dealer that caused them to stop supplying the kits in the beginning.

    It is sometimes hard to figure out the logic they use in some of thier decisions.

    Have fun,
  7. HoughMade

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    Thank you for confirming my suspicions. That is what I suspected.

    Bait and switch a 2 stroke for a Whizzer...AT THOSE PRICES, then they even misrepresent the engine size. Enough is never enough for some people.
  8. srdavo

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    Up for some fun?

    So.... let's pump this guy up & have some fun. :devilish:

    He told me.... "this is 1/2 the price of a Whizzer kit.... & way better!"

    We have his contact info......

    All we have to do is call/email for info....show some interest! WoW...98cc!! Taiwan = Cool !! :rofl: be sure & tell him it's a good price!! Ask silly questions. Extra points for creativity.....but who's keeping score?
    We just don't want to bust his chops.....Yet...hahaha

    He can't possibly know about us.... how would anyone dare try this scam, knowing we are here... & not stoopid.

    anyone want to play along?
    if so, post your results here.

    If this (my idea) is too crude or just wrong, feel free to 'talk me down',
    but right now... I am totally amused!!! :smilielol5:
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    Hey srdavo

    Funny the guy told me the same thing in an email. Ya have to wonder if it is a general email they send to everyone. I like your style get his hopes up then just ignore him:) I say go for it have a little fun at his expense maybe they will learn people aren't that stupid to fall for stuff like that
  10. RdKryton

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    I made a purchase from these guys a while back. I would look up their business reputation with the Georgia BBB. I ended up having to report them to get my money back. They only sent half the order but kept all the money. I did finally get half the money back but it was a fight. Also they don't take credit cards. They want money orders and wire transfers... Red Flag!!!
  11. frenchlayer

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    The BBB report further mentions that on April 10, 2006, ExtremeScooters signed an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance with the Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs Office and paid restitution payments totaling $11,781.

    The BBB report also mentions that the Office of Consumer Affairs alleges that ExtremeScooters who also does business under the name of Extreme-Hobby has used unfair or deceptive acts or practices in the conduct of consumer transactions including:
    1) Deceptively advertising, promoting, and soliciting business through its websites in violation of O.C.G.A. // 10-1-393(a), (b)(5),(b)(7), (b)(9), (b)(10), and 10-1-393.5.
    2) Offered for sale and accepted payment for merchandise of particular brands but instead delivered merchandise of different brands in violation of O.C.G.A. // 10-1-393(a), (b)(5),(b)(7) and 10-1-393.5(b).
    3) Represented through its websites that certain merchandise was in stock when in fact it was not, in violation of // 10-1-393(a), (b)(5) and 10-1-393.5(b).
    4) Accepted payment for merchandise but failed to deliver this merchandise or provide refunds, in violation of O.C.G.A. // 10-1-393(a), (b)(9), and 10-1-393.5(b).
    [The Official Code of Georgia Annotated (OCGA) is the compendium of all laws in the U.S. state of Georgia.]
  12. RdKryton

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    See I told you. lol

  13. KilroyCD

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    Look at that. He signed the Assurance of Voluntary Compliance almost three years ago, yet he still continues with his decptive practices. He apparently doesn't care, as what he's doing must be quite lucrative. Hopefully, economic Darwinism will win out.
  14. HA HA Dave I like your style

    I just sent them this email YUK YUK

    Wow I just saw your 98cc motor kit. It looks just like the Whizzer kit. Did you know that they are all out of them? I have been waiting for over a year for one. I would like to reserve one of yours. Please send me info on how to do this. Are these made by Whizzer? Can I buy one now or is there a waiting list?


    I'll post the response. Maybe we can put this guy on a skewer!!
  15. srdavo

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  16. bikebum1975

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    You guys are bad getting his hopes up. Poor guy doesn't know what he's in for LOL
  17. At least they have a QUICK reply SIC EM BOYS!!!!

    Yes, we have a few in stock, and I will hold one 98cc Engine Kit for you and you can order one for $499 + $45 Shipping. Yes I know Whizzer does not have them the 138cc Whizzer Kits, thats the reason we are offering these Kits which are even more dependable and more powerfull.

    You will love this Engine Kit, is one of the best, very reliable, and easy to install.

    Total: $544

    Below is a Bill of Sale and Ordering Information:

    We accept several forms of payment Please see below. Also, if you would like to do a direct wire transfer of funds from your bank, that information is also below. We will accept payment by personal check, credit card issued check, or money order for $544 for the 98cc Engine Kit, payable to Extreme-Scooters. So your Payment Including Shipping is $544. Mailed To: EXTREME-SCOOTERS
    Attn: Dave Bergman
    P.O. BOX 6497
    TL: (478) 987-8509
    TOLL: (888) 361-2605
    FAX: (478) 987-8518 BILL OF SALE Date: 01/28/2009 Total includes shipping $544 for One Brand New, 98cc Engine Kit, comes with all components to install on you bike:

    98 cc 2 cycle 4.5 h.p. engine kit with mounting clamps.
    Chrome Exhaust muffler with gasket and hanger.
    Black Tear Drop Fuel Tank with cap and mounting brackets.
    Lever Clutch handle Twist Throttle Control... Includes cables.
    Heavy duty chain.
    44 tooth Chrome racing Sprocket, with 9 hole mounting to rear wheel & Installation hardware.
    Drive Chain idler, Carburetor assembly, CDI ignition assembly.
    Spark plug and engine tools.
    Bicycle frame adaptor.
    Instruction and maintenance manual

    Sold / Ship To:


    Street Address__________________________________________

    City, State, Zip Code_____________________________________

    Thank-You Dave Bergman
    Dealer Lc: 50003040
    Houston County, Georgia
    Cell (478) 396-6796 Please include a copy of the Bill of Sale with your payment, Or Fax it to Us. Shipping via UPS 4 days. Please mail payment by US Mail with Delivery Confirmation. For Direct Bank Transfer the information is below
    (Same Day Funds Transfer, if done before 2 p.m.):
    Direct bank transfer requires that you go to your Bank in person. Bank Name: SunTrust Bank
    Bank Address: Warner Robins, GA 31088
    Account Name: Extreme-Scooters
    Account Number: 1000062983928
    Routing Number: 061 000 104 If you have any questions, Please call any time. Thank-YouDave Bergman
    Cell (478) 396-6796 Our Physical Address is: Extreme-Scooters
    103 Arthur Walter Court
    Warner Robins, GA 31088 Both Addresses can be used for mailing, but the P.O. Box Address is preferred.

    -----Original Message-----
    From: "David Porter" <cdtdave@yahoo.com>
    Sent 1/28/2009 10:16:10 PM
    To: "sales@extreme-scooters.com" <sales@extreme-scooters.com>
    Subject: motor kit

    Wow I just saw your 98cc motor kit. It looks just like the Whizzer kit. Did you know that they are all out of them? I have been waiting for over a year for one. I would like to reserve one of yours. Please send me info on how to do this. Are these made by Whizzer? Can I buy one now or is there a waiting list?


    This has INSULTED my humble, yet educated mind.... Hmmm - SMELLS like a FISH, - Appears to SWIM like a FISH, and talks like he is TALKING to a FISH!!!! Mighty FISHY INDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
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    haha did you notice they offered me a better price?
  19. Bait & Switch

    He shows pictures of a Whizzer motor on the site. There is no pic of the 98" that he claims he has. Probably is a great deal though. But then I am a FISH. I wonder if he really sells any of these for 550... Wow talk about a SUCKER born every minute......Can't you buy these kits anywhere for about 125 to 150??? :dunce::dunce::dunce::dunce::dunce::dunce::dunce::dunce:
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