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Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by blackspur, Jun 25, 2011.

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    Hi I have just finished an in frame Honda with EZ Motor. I'm new with this 4 stroke setup. I had some chain wear on the frame. I'm going to use a chain guide to avoid that. But when I opened up my EZ drive area I noticed black soot from the belt and metal shavings. I checked the front pulley everything looks visibly okay and in place. I don't know if some of the metal scrapings from the frame ended up in the drive area or not. When I let off of the gas there seems to be a winding up sound in the gear box. I have the belt as tight as it can go according to the bolt holes. I'm using a flex water heater pipe as an exhaust. I hope it is not the engine getting a back up from exhaust some how. Any Ideas?

  2. blackspur

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    I started the engine with the drive going so I could watch all the parts in action. Everything looks fine. I guess it was flakes that the chain brought up into the housing.
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    A small amount of "dust" is normal as the belt seats into the pulleys.

    Be very careful using an untested exhaust system as it can cause damage to the motor. It is important to keep a close watch on the pipe at the manifold and check the plug reading. If the motor runs too lean it can damage the piston, rings, & cylinder wall rather quickly. If the plug checks in with a tan or dark brown it is good, if it is white, you need to re-jet the carburetor, and if the pipe turns a dark blue at the motor, also need to re-jet.

    Have fun,
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    Roller Time.

    Yeah, Just frame dust. Put a roller on it and ride it like ya stole it. I've also used a LOT of straight pipes and ya just make sure it's long enough so ya don't suck cold air back into the engine. Make sure it's sealed with no holes in it. Should work fine.
    Big Red.