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  1. Hi all, some of you who have been around a while will remember this bike as "The bike called Opportunity" which origionally was powered by a HS/JL Hoot setup. After it cut the clutch bell in two pieces (at about 50 miles) I parked it for a year or so.

    It would not run due to bad carb when I got around to fiddling with it, and so I as I was exploring engines I bought a Honda,

    This is Prototype #1, with a production prototype Silent Power Drive system ( I pulled the orig hoot, and deep-sixed it, and have recently retired the prototype square-plate drive).

    It runs very well, is geared to Legal Specs (she hits the wall at about 31.5 MPH with heavy rider), and is very reliable, having about 450 miles on it or so.

    I've been informed that the Whiz-In is moved from May 1,2,3 to this weekend, so the lil Honda Silent Power is facing a 90 Mile ride this weekend! I'm considering changing to a 1 gallon tank, to be able to not re-fuel.

    There is much more to tell, and very little time now to write. Here is the little Mid-60's Murry tankless Tank bike, Rack is orig I think, repop springer I am guilty of myself.


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  2. uncle_punk13

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    That is the correct, if not original, rack for your Murray...
  3. azbill

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    ya gotta paint that cover, Mike ! :)