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    I got the oil extractor from Northern Tools for $12 and the oil syringe off Amazon for $13. Now I don't have to lean my bike over an oil pan to change oil. The extractor works great on my Robin Sabaru EHO 35 engine. Changing oil every 50 hours just got a lot easier.

    After extracting the oil I fill the engine oil chamber half way up with Sea Foam. Then with the kill switch off I pull the start cord several times. After that I let it set for about 30 minutes then extract the Sea Foam. Then I put in the engine 100 cc of Quaker State Ultimate Durability Full Synthetic 10W-30 motor oil. It's very important you put in the exact amount of oil recommend for the engine. The oil syringe makes that easy to do.
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  2. darwin

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    Good idea. I use a hanging bike hook screwed into a wooden side rail now to hold the bike up and let it pour out now. Next few days it will be time.
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    That's a great idea !!!
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    This works great for me: the Drainzit Oil Change Hose replaces the engine's oil plug. With a hot engine, I place my bike's front wheel on a lawn chair to angle the engine, open up the end of the hose, and drain the old oil into a beer bottle.

    I like the look of the hose clipped to the bike's frame as shown here, but you can just tuck the hose behind the engine if you want.

    Various sizes of Drainzit hoses are available at Equipment2U.com. Mine is the Model HON 1010 (10mm), and it cost $13.99 plus $8.00 shipping.



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    I have been using a hand suction pump (looks like a tire pump in reverse) that my grandpa gave me 5o years or so ago. Gets most of the oil out with the bike tilted a bit.
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    im just mounting my engine the other way :)
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    Have you got your engine installed and found some reliability?
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    have got the mounting plate in.. yet to put it all together will try hopefully this week