EZ3 USX Trike - Titan Dax with Nuvinci

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  1. cgbjake

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    Here is what my winter research brought me. Still doing some testing to get a little more out of it. I have a video as well. I can answer questions if you have any. Whats a good site to post these on for a diary type posting?

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  2. AussieJester

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    Nice ride there mate :)

    I think if you upload a worklog/diary type entry into the powered trike section at Motorerd.bikes would be a good :)

    Happy riding

  3. SirJakesus

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    From what it looks like you attached a sprocket to the disk brake mounts of the NV hub and ran the geared down titan output to the NV freewheel.
    I like the shroud for the gearing and everythings placement, very professional.

    Nice ride, that hub will carry you up ANY hill with no pedaling as you've probably already noticed, especially with that large engine.
  4. Way cool. BRAVO!!
  5. cgbjake

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    Thanks guys! I worked this thing over in my mind over 1,000 times this winter. I think I got what I wanted in the end. Your right Sir about the set up. I have a free wheel on the final drive and on the drive side of the Nuvinci so when I'm coasting there is very little drag. Shroud may be replaced with a fiberglass version, using the current one as a template.

    I gotta tell ya, I'm thinking there is a considerable power loss when going through the Nuvinci. I only get 31 out of this machine, wonder if it's because of the total weight of the trike and the Nuvinci combined. Any thoughts? I'm running every day to loose 20lbs to help the old bike out!

    When I get some time, I hope to post some journalling on how I got here...until then, here is a link to the first video of me taking off. Your right on making it up any hill!

  6. duivendyk

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    What are your drive ratios engine crank to NV hub and hub to rear axle (excluding the NV itself which I think is 0.5- 1.75). Are those 20" wheels ?,if there is substantial reduction following the hub there might be extra power loss I think.Does this trike have some kind of differential?
  7. pooja84

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    That's really unique. Keep up the good work!!
  8. SirJakesus

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    I think there is a considerable power loss from the NV hub at higher gear ratios. On my friction dual suspension bike with 1.37in roller I can maintain about 27 up a fairly steep hill on the main road in my town. With my NuVinci bike I can maintain about 24 or 25 both while exerting myself as much as I can with the pedals. Both are with the TLE43. Granted the staton nuvinci setup is MUCH heavier than the friction drive and my pedal gearing is lower on the friction which probably gives me a good degree of pedaling advantage. Even if there are some losses it's still a good trade off if you need high torque for climbing or navigating non-asphalt terrain without slipping the clutch or dropping out of the engines power range.
    Given that you have a titan that is rated around 2.5hp you should probably make the gearing longer and you could easily get up to 35 on the flats if I'm pulling 32 with the TLE43. Also keep in mind that 31 on a delta trike can be a recipe for disaster in itself if you find yourself in line with a large pothole or just opened car door.
    Be safe out there, keep on riding!!!
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