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    okay so I bought an 80cc chinese engine kit off this guy named Duane who sells them out of winnipeg. I put it together myself and then had a wiring problem, ( I hooked up my white wire to my cdi) well when I phoned this guy he came and pickewd my bike up and gave me a ride home free of charge. He ordered the parts, they were here in like 4 days, and he dropped my bike off to me at home for a descent price. Now my muffler has fallen off and he is ordering it for me and charging me like 20$ and dropping it off at my house when it arrives. I called him on monday for the mufler and he is going to deliver it to me on thursday or friday. I just wantr to give him a HUGE thumbs up as he is an awsome seller of these units and backs them up with good customer service. ROCK ON DUANE.

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    I would like to see pictures of your kit. I am in Winnipeg too and I ride to work with this. I did not but it from him. fyi: The fuel mileage on this site is incorrect.
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    what mileage are you getting?
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    here is a pic, its the only one i have at the moment it has the normal gas tank on it as well.

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    it looks like I have the same kit as you, (I looked at your pics), by the way, my muffler fell off the other day. have you been pulled over?? I have, I wasnt wearing a helmet at the corner of broadway and main, I told the cop i had a 49cc engine and all he said was to wear a helmet. where do you ride?
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    stay out of sight, wear a helmet!
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    I ride from south part of city around linden to downtown. I keep to small residential streets. A cruiser saw me the other day but didn't care as I was wearing a helmet and wasn't using motor. I was pedaling.
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    Hey guys i am from Winnipeg also and so far i haven't had any major problems with the kit besides breaking a cable. I have changed most of the nuts and bolts to a good quality as the ones that come with the kit are a joke.Maybe i will see you guys on the road as i have talked to a few others i have seen riding around. Happy motoring:eek: