eZee front hub motor / aluminum suspension fork ??


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Jul 7, 2008
I've got 3 builds going on here....one is for my son's birthday which is coming up in a couple of weeks. I got him a Fuji Nevada 3.0 mountain bike and I'm powering it with a 400 watt, 36 volt eZee geared front hub kit. The bike has an aluminum suspension fork which my son really likes, but it has since been suggested that I avoid using an aluminum fork with an electric front hub. Is this true ??? The fork seems pretty beefy and the dropouts seem pretty substantial too (about 1/4" thick). Should I replace the fork with a rigid steel one or go with the one that's on there ? Either way, it looks like torque arms will be a good idea but no one seems to make them. Does anyone know if there are any available for the Ezee kits ?? Your help and expertise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hello guys !! been a while since i popped in..

The ezee is not the same animal as a crystalyte or other gearless brushless hub, the power comes on smooth and the axle is milled to fit normal forks.


Random google search for the nevada 3.0, is this the same forks ? if so, it should work fine, and yes.. i know.. snap.. crackle pop.. weeeeeee.. is never a good thing but i have my eZee on an RST dual crown cro-mo fork and if you bolt it properly so the washers sit flush with the dropouts ( don't settle for " good enough .. let's go " ) at 36v i'd ride it.

torque arms.. try this:

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Thanks Ypedal !
The torque arms look like just the ticket. As for the fork, I already ordered a rigid cro-moly replacement fork from Surly a couple of days ago. This bike is a birthday present for my 14 year old son to replace his electric scooter (much more discreet), and I took the "better safe than sorry" approach since he is the one that will be riding it.