Ezip Trailz Electric Bike ?

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by apehanger, Sep 11, 2011.

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    I have been looking at electric kits to go on one of my bikes and
    they are not cheap. I want a good one so I am willing to buy a good
    kit. Today we saw a Ezip Trailz Electric Bike in Walmart for $400
    that's cheaper than the kits I've been looking at. We have lots of hills
    and the electric would help on the hills. Anyone have any advise on this bike? Thanks

  2. I rode one before I put an e-bikekit.com kit on a cheap Schwinn Landmark from Walmart. The Ezip seemed so underpowered and short ranged after the gas engined bikes I had been riding, I gave it a pass. I've built 2 e=bikes now, 1 front direct drive hub motor and 1 with rear direct drive hub motor. The front motor unit has a 36 Volt, 20 Amp hour Ping LiFeP04 battery and goes 22mph for 36+ miles on the flat with no pedaling. The new 48Volt, 15 Amp hour battery rear hub motor bike goes 28mph, but I haven't tested how far it will go on a charge yet. I expect the range per charge will be close to 30 miles.

    The 36V e-bike has proven to be as reliable, maintenance free, and trouble free as a pedal bike. I'm afraid you will be disapointed with the Ezip.
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    here's my opinion on motorized bikes (gas or electric).
    at first people get the idea of actually peddling the bike and then only use the gas engine or electric motor when they need it.
    well, in reality, once you get a motorized bike, you will find yourself peddling it less and using the engine or motor more often.
    I ride my motorized bikes like motorcycles and i never pedal.
    I think the majority of people end up doing the same thing once they realize how much easier it is to just crank the throttle rather than peddling the pedals.
    you can get a lot of torque and speed out of electric motors, but you have the batteries to worry about and the electric set ups can be twice as expensive as a gas engine.
    you can get just as much out of a gas engine, and all you have to do is add more gas when it runs out.
    with an e-bike you gotta wait for the battery to charge.
    with a gas engine you have full power all the time, with an e-bike the power slowly goes away when the battery starts to die.
    with electric (in my opinion) you get what you pay for, and if you want a GOOD e-bike, be prepared to spend more than $400.00.
    you can build a good gas engine bike for less than that.