EZM Belt Drives - Available Or Not?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Mike St, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Mike St

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    I worte an e-mail to EZ Motorbike Company asking if their EZ Q-matic belt drive is available or not and got no answer. Is this drive available or not? And has anyone other than the company or a dealer reviewed or tested it? Very
    interested. Mike

  2. KilroyCD

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    The Q-Matic doesn't have a belt final drive (if that's what you're looking for). The belt goes from the crankshaft pulley to the auto-clutch. The final drive is chain. The Q-Matic is expected to be available quite soon. I know Quenton was shooting for the end of this month, I don't know if that has been pushed back at all. I do know that Quenton has been busier than a one-armed paperhanger for the past month trying to get it to full production status.
    I have ridden the Q-Matic on two different engines, and I really like it. If you want feedback from someone who isn't a dealer, send RusticoRay a PM. He isn't a dealer, but he does have a pre-production Q-Matic on one of his bikes.
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    Well Rome wasn't built in a day either. I know it takes time to go into production with anything, so I will wait.
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    Check out Snake Bite's posts...Helmutt cycles puts a belt drive on their new bike with the EZM kit.
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    Unless he's doing some major modification to the clutch, I believe Snakebite's belt drive bike has the original "Silent Drive" drivetrain as opposed to the new Q-Matic. With the Silent Drive, it is quite possible to go to a belt final drive. However, with the Max Torque clutch on the Q-Matic, the toothed sprocket for the chain drive is built into the clutch so it would be quite difficult to go to a belt final drive.
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  6. EZM Q-matic

    Announced today, taking orders, some details in post, product is underway.

  7. Snake Bite

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    Belt Final for the Q-Matic

    Kilroy.BB,Mike and Mike. I have the Method down on making the Q-Matic a belt final drive..and did Send Quenton all the details.. On How to do it.. I just sat and thought about it for a good long while and presto.. Piece of Cake... I can send just pulleyed clutch Bells to anyone who needs One... I am building Superdaves with Q-matic Belt final Drive,,,,although I am a little relutant to post Pictures as I get Warnings ?? Every time I mention this Company... What The Heck Is that ?? But I do Have the Method Down tried and true,and it worked perfectly the first Time.. Later Helmutt
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  8. Orlamy

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    Final Belt Drive

    Hello, I don't have an EZM kit but I am interested in a final belt drive. I would like a belt in the rear and the large rear ring with a small front would be easier to adjust total reduction better. How can I contact you.
  9. Snake Bite

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    What Motor are Ya wanting to Run??
  10. Orlamy

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    Final Drive

    I have a Huasheng engine from one of those kits that never worked. I've adapted a Centrifugal clutch, belt pulleys in front drive to a 10t/50T sprocket chain in back. For a prototype it works good. But it ended being geared too high and now I need to increase reduction which could be done at the back by increasing diameter of tire component. Also, would love to get rid of the chain of course. Belt drive to me is like the goal. But definitely will need some help since it seems beyond my capabilities. Any suggestions are welcome.
  11. Snake Bite

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    If I read this correctly.. You Have a HS with regular 5/8 shaft centrifical Clutch. then to the rear sprocket.. and thats not going to work.. and if you change to just adding the Belt final it will help But it's still going to be geared to high.. You need another reduction, within the primary.. then to the final.. those motors are not able to get into there power band without it.. Sorry Just adding the belt final won't do the trick.. Unless ya somehow get the pulley as Big as the rim.. then it maybe enough reduction.. But to use a Primary from EZM will get you there with a Whizzer final belt... Hope this Helps... Helmutt
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  12. Orlamy

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    Yes I have too high gear right now but I can adjust the redution. Just need the parts to make a final drive. Just need information regarding which parts to use to get a final drive even if they are the Whizzer drive. It's hard to find that information.
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  14. StreetPlanes

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    Anybody know if the belt drive could be made to work with the 2 speed automatic?
  15. what?

    Hi Streetplanes, what 2-speed automatic? I do have "inside info" on one in development BUT it is not a product that we or anyone is currently producing for sale.

    Still wondering........

  16. OHVwhizzer

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    Yes the 2 speed automatic that I am developing can be run with a belt final drive, I have been testing it that way. You can mount whatever you like to the 1/2" diameter output shaft.
    I am having problems with the rear belt slipping because there is SO MUCH torque in low gear. I trying several belts and I'm investigating using a timing belt to prevent slippage. Of course a chain solves this issue. But then you have a dirty chain to deal with.

    Go to www.cyclonetics.com to follow the progress

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  17. HoughMade

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    Whizzer had one way back when.
  18. OHVwhizzer

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    It was called the Bi-Matic and fit where the pulleys would be. I was looking to get my hands on one of these but I couldn't find one that I could afford. Anyhow I heard that they didn't always work that great until you rebuilt them with real bearings. So I gave up and designed my own.

  19. HoughMade

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    Can't wait to see it. Mine's still in my head...where it is likely to stay for a while.