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    In our efforts to increase the power transfer rate of the primary belt drive we recently re-designed the belt travel path.
    After hours [actually days] of research with the major belt companies including Goodyear, Gates, Carlisle, & several others we learned how to reduce the transfer loss.
    The accepted method to keep the belt tight was to run an idler on the backbone of the belt, however this method consumes some of the power and increases the belt temperature slightly. Our newest production Q-Matic drive [version #5] pushes the belt from the inside and helps maintain the natural shape of the belt, reduces the temperature, and increases the belt life.
    After testing over 1000 miles, the belt maintains the appearance of a new belt.
    Our original design was to employ a commercial/industrial V belt in the primary drive, however bending the backbone on a "notched" belt could cause cracking between the "teeth". The version #5 Q-Matic idler eliminates the stress on the inner section and allows the use of the more durable belt options.
    Another important update concerns drive ratios, and all future drives shipped will include instructions detailing the need for the secondary output to be 5.6 X 1 or higher. The Q-Matic has a fixed 10 tooth sprocket on the MaxTorque and therefore the wheel sprocket needs to be a 56 tooth or larger to produce secondary ratios of 5.6 X 1 or slightly larger. The ratios can easily be changed in the primary section of the drive if more top end is desired or a quicker take off speed.
    The majority of the Q-Matic drives have been installed on the Honda GXH50 or HS 142, however the drive is also the top choice for HF 79 CC motor. We stock all the special clutch weights & springs needed to make the stall speed correct for the lower RPM motors [HF, Honda, Lifan, B & S, Kohler, etc].
    We are currently accepting bids to make a new cover for the drive, and expect to make a few cosmetic changes including possible color choices.

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  2. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi everyone,

    While testing the new primary belt system I though it wise to conduct a few other tests at the same time. Additional tests included the temperature inside the drive system and the other was MPG.

    It was decided to run the bike as hard as possible for long periods of time to cause as much stress on the drive system as possible. The majority of the rides were between 35 & 40 MPH for long runs. My original MPG test delivered results in the 175 to 185 range, however running WOT in the recent test dropped the numbers. I used .725 gallons and only went 120 miles, therefore it had dropped to 165 MPG running the motor hard.

    The temperature inside the drive for some reason ran a few degrees cooler than earlier tests, most often the range was below 100 degrees, and the cover was just warm to the touch on the outside. The temperature tests were just conducted by sticking a guage inside the cover via a hole with one of the cover screws removed.

    Bike now has 1518 miles and belt still looks brand new.

    Have fun,
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    So is the q-matic with the new belt tensioner putting preasure on the inside of the belt not the outside available for purchase yet?
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    Hi Jared8783,

    We have been shipping version #5 of the drive for several weeks. We are just doing additional testing with different belt types & styles. There are several reasons we moved the idler to the inside, however the most important reason was to increase the power transfer rate. If the belt travels in its natural state [oval] the bottom of the "V" isn't pressed into the pulley, but allows the pulley to grip the belt at the correct area of the belt.

    The belt will also run cooler with our special internal idler system, and therefore reduce belt wear. The belt on my test bike could easily pass for new and it has over 1500 miles on it [very hard miles].

    Have fun,