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  1. Quenton Guenther

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    Just finished the second phase of the automatic drive system. Logged 223 miles on the final proto-type system. Runs completely quite [no internal chain, gears, oil, or grease]and like the original EZM drive sytem allows the majority of the power to reach the rear wheel. Pulling 13 X 1 ratios on a 24" test bike. 38 MPH @ 7000 RPMs. Original narrow cover fits new system [approx. 2" wide] New drive system uses special custom idler assembly [supplied by EZM dealer in CA]. Phase 2 of the system allows speeds as low as 5 MPH [great for Parades]. The special clutch also allows the use of the 4 Stroke motor to help braking, because of the special stall speed.

    Phase one of the automatic system is now hanging on the wall in my shop after hundreds of test miles, but the "original 2008" unit is made from aluminum as opposed to the current production plans of plated steel.

    We are currently shopping bids for reduced cost, but remain committed to use American companies to maintain the quality at the highest possible levels.

    The EZM office in CA will start testing within a few days using different ratios & heavier rider weight. Both divisions of EZM will be using the MaxTorque clutch, but with special spring & weights to control the stall speed.

    Have fun,

  2. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Hi Everyone,

    Just a few comments concerning the EZM automatic drive system.

    Our research indicates little or no testing of new products in the motorized bike arena is the norm.

    Some have become impatient with Easy Motorbike because we "over test" our products.

    History has taught us, more testing leads to a better product.

    We considered the EZM kit "bullet proof", however because of dealer testing & feedback we were able to make it even better.

    Because of real testing, & serious help from some of the leading motorbike experts [many are members of this site] we have agreed to supply the Automatic drive system as a stand-alone product via the authorized dealer network.

    The decision to offer the automatic as a stand-alone product was based around the demand to supply a solution to the many earlier 4-stroke kits with defective gearboxes. We actually thought one of the major motorbike companies would offer drive systems to fit the existing motors [guess we were wrong].

    Because the original EZM drive system was so popular it will remain in production and the EZM "Q-Matic" will be added as an optional system.

    The "Q-Matic" will feature an American made MaxTorque clutch modified to engage approx 250 RPMs above idle. The system connects smoothly, locks completely, holds lock to aid in engine braking as low as 20 MPH, allows slow speed travel [Parades, etc], and maintains a low profile. Because of the compact design the EZM automatic system will use the same belt cover as the manual version and is approx 2" wide.

    The Automatic also allows higher ratios [or lower, depending on interpretation], which in turn keeps the RPMs lower at cruising speeds. Using the torque of the 4-stroke motor for motion is less harmful, produces better mileage, and just sounds great.

    We will release a few more custom-built test systems during the parts fabrication process, but hopefully production should start in a few weeks.

    The testing in CA was conducted with a heavier frame and a heavier rider and still found it beneficial to change the ratios by 1.75 X 1. The change was tested and found less motor RPM, similar take off speeds, and more than enough top end speed.

    We attempted to compare the MaxTorque clutch to the current offerings, and it just wasn’t possible. The American clutch is completely different in design and quality and works so well it soon becomes “invisible” in the operation of the motorbike.

    Have fun,
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    Sounds like a very good product. Congratulations!
  4. Esteban

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    I commend you for wanting to use American suppliers & I hope it works out. Also, if a person wants a good product bad enough, they can wait a little while, til it is throughly tested. We all have seen what junk has flooded the U.S. markets in recent years.
    Good luck !
  5. RdKryton

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    It is no secret that even though I am a moderator here, I am also involved in the R&D of EZM. This being said I hope to try a Q-Matic drive on a completely different engine than the one that comes with the kit. My brother an I are going to use a Schwinn Corvette frame and mount a Harbor Freight 2.5HP 4 stroke engine in the frame. We hope to have everything on the bike finished for the upcoming East Coast rally in Lewes Delaware. I hope to take delivery of the drive at the event and mount it on the engine at that time. This will be a completely custom setup to show the possibilities of the EZM Q-Matic drive. I am going to have to clock the drive at a downward angle to clear the slanted cylinder of the HF engine. This engine is not as tall as the HS engine but it is longer from front to back. I have great confidence this will be a successful project but because we are still testing and evaluating, the results we get from all the testing are not a sure thing. The HF engine is not as high revving an engine as the HS but it does have a larger displacement. The HS is 49cc whereas the FH engine is 79cc. I hope to prove the larger displacement engine will function correctly with the Q-Matic. I have no doubt the slip clutch EZM drive will work with this engine but the neither drive has not been tested on this engine. The drive mounting holes are different between the two engines also. I will be using the vintage Whizzer approach for the exhaust. The flex pipe will be the easiest to work with and it works well on everything else I have used it on. I'm like a little kid on Christmas. I cant wait to try out both the drive and the frame mount I am building for this project. Wish me luck. I hate to fail.

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  6. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi RdKryton,

    Because of your feedback, EZM is considering the design & fabrication of a drive system that will adapt several popular motors to "Frame mount" configurations in the near future. Because of the EZM original design [KISS] it will be possible to attach the system to a variety of power plants. Look forward to testing the EZM automatic on larger displacement motors. If the EZM automatic can manage larger motors, just think how "bullet proof" it will be with the 49 CC 4-stroke.

    Have fun,
  7. RdKryton

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    Speaking of bullet proof, here are some pictures of the extra heavy duty engine mount I created for the bigger engine. I know this was overkill using 3/16 inch steel but I don't want to have a mount failure because I went cheap on the thickness of he steel. That being said I do believe I could have used 1/8 inch steel. I guess I vaulted from bullet proof to armor plated. lol Here are a few pictures. Let me know what you guys think.


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  8. azbill

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    looks pretty darn stout to me !!! :cool2:
  9. Snake Bite

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    Can't Wait For the Auto Version

    Although I adore the Manual clutch.. here is a short.. Of it firing up for My first long shake down cruze.. My Buddy was On a stock Whizz Banger... Must report I am amazed at the Hill climbing ability.. and we clocked 38 mph untill the stock NE-5 topped out.. Felt Like there was alot More.. yet wanted to Be Ez On her,and break her in with a Little Love. Later Dk.

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  10. fetor56

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    I like the swivel idea for the frame brackets cos their very adaptable to suit different frame geometries....as for the thickness,3/16" does seem excessive for the base(but not for the brackets)
    How wide is the base? & also if your thinking of making these it would be handy if their was some sort of adjustment somewhere near the centre of the base to increase/decrease overall length?
    To sum up...................better than i can do. :icon_cry:
  11. Snake Bite

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    That's a Good Move Lee, there are several Motors such as this 79cc. that I have seen in action. at Spooky race.. yet the fellow was limited to a centrifical cluth ..I think Muti Holed would be great.. and Jim your Mount is Kick..! ya need some meat when Mounting a Motor..
  12. RdKryton

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    Thanks for the kind words on my mount build. I didn't make this one adjustable because it is easier to build this way. I just test fit the engine and made some measurements and built it to fit this bike. I believe mount could be built in two pieces that would slide together so they would be adjustable. BTW the mount is 4 inches wide and 12 inches long. It has to be long to fit the engine high enough in the frame. I hope it works. Did you guys notice the rear clamp has two sets of holes? The extra set of holes will allow second clamp to help stop the mount from sliding down under heavy loads. Thanks all.

  13. KilroyCD

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    Well, here's progress so far on the Q-Matic mated to the Harbor Freight Greyhound engine (79cc). This is on what was a basket case 1957 Schwinn Corvette until Wednesday. It's incredible how much work has been accomplished on that bike in just four days. We will have it at the rally at Lewes, running or not.

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  14. Snake Bite

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    To Kick Cool

    Kilroy.. Very Bosa Nova... beautifull BikeBuild.. Can't wait to Hear How she Runs,, with that alternete Motor.. Can Only believe she will Be very strong.. 4 stroke Is where It's at.. Keep us Posted Kilroy..
  15. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi KilRoy,

    Did you need to move the external bearing brackets? If you notice I made them in such a way to allow different angles to avoid a collision with the cylinder angle on your HF motor. Because of design, the EZM drive assembly will fit a lot of motors.

    Hey Snake Bite, be sure to tell everyone how powerful the EZM kit is on your new Frame.

    Have fun,
  16. RdKryton

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    Hey Lee
    I did the mounting and I did not have to change a thing. You have it set perfectly for that motor. I should have the sprocket mounted and the chains on tomorrow after work.

  17. Snake Bite

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    Proven Power On the Helmutt Bicycle

    Yes when chooseing a Motor of cource I started with the Whizzer.. But Now I find the EZM Is the easiest to Build and the Power Is So impressive. and frankly Better, faster Pulling hard from the beginning through it's Top end and when Built the Bike Is wieghing only 80Pounds an able to Pull a Large Man.. I tested with a 280pound Buddy Of Mine 6'4" I raised the seat a number of Inches so He was comfortable.. I rode My stock whizzer and couldn't do anything but stay even.. I weigh 185LBS Unbeivale Power from that Little 50cc EZM Bicycle Motor and Primary Next we are going to the drag strip for Some real testing..
  18. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Kilroy,

    From a few reports received on the HF motor it looks like the clutch will engage well, however the gap between the idle & engagement speed is wider than the stock EZM motor. The stock EZM motor engages within a few hundred RPMs off idle, whereas the HF motor starts with a lower idle speed and must reach the higher RPM level before engagement. The stock EZM motor idles near 2000 RPMs and the HF motor is around 1200 [a guess], therefore the HF motor would need to almost double the RPMs prior to engagement. Possible modifications [future project] would include changing ratios to cause the clutch to hook up sooner and make up the difference in the final output stage.
    Looking forward to riding the HF equipped bike at Lewes, DE this weekend.

    Hi Snakebite,

    Thanks for the information on your new motorbike and your results are consistent with other dealers concerning the performance of the 49 CC four-stroke motors. Everyone seems amazed at the power of the motor, and most are shocked when comparing it to the Whizzer [138 CC] and 2 stroke [50 CC to 80 CC] motors in use today.
    Many have used the EZM kit on a variety of bicycles, however your setup up looks perfect and maintains the "vintage" look.

    Have fun,
  19. mmachine

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    Kryton & Kilroy

    I'm inspired, look forward to more reports.
  20. KilroyCD

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    Almost finished

    The Greyhound / Q-Matic powered bike is almost finished. There will be some of the inevitable adjustments that will have to be made. We are waiting for the larger tank to be installed (with fuel line) and for the mirrors we have somewhere to be found and installed. Right now we are using the chain tensioner, but hope to work away from that by use of a half-link sometime in the near future. Here's a photo of the progress so far.

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