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  1. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Everyone,

    WOW! Looks like we underestimated the demand for 4-stroke motorbike kits and American made drive systems.

    We just started shipping production run #5, and I hope to cover some of the changes and upgrades.

    The spring-loaded idler has been re-located to tension the belt from the inside instead of depressing the belt from the "backbone". The current production drive system is using a special automotive-cogged belt in place of the earlier 3L/4L series. We also altered the drive pulley "pitch" to increase the effective power transfer. We have worked closely with Gates, Goodyear, Carlisle, and Dayco belt companies to select the best components for extended belt life and performance. Our drive pulley options have been expanded to add more low-end power selections.

    Although the production cost of the latest Q-Matic drive system has increased slightly we plan to leave the MSRP at $259.75. After several meetings and messages with our dealers, the majority agreed to a lower MSRP on the EZM 4-stroke kit to $599.00.

    One of our current projects concerns adapting the smaller 4-stroke motors [38 CC] to the Q-Matic drive system [to meet the requirements in of a couple of states].

    Have fun,

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  2. azbill

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    a simple, yet elegant solution :)
    I am now at 4200+ miles on my EZM (HS-142) engine
    1600+ miles on my Q-Matic (upgraded from Silent-Power manual at 2600m)
    700+ miles on my stretch (swapped drivetrain and rear sprocket to the 72tooth) at 3500m)

    if that sounds like bragging,,,it is intentional,,,,
  3. jbcruisin

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    Looks great!! Waiting for my Q matic to arrive. My manual Silent drive still runs great though.
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  4. Gh0stRider

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    Can anyone explain the benefits of having the tensioner push out against the belt instead of pushing in? It seems that pushing in against the "backbone" of the belt makes more sense because as the belt stretches under load, the belt will wrap even more around the pulleys giving more surface area for power transfer.

  5. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Hi Gh0stRider,

    After many hours/days/months of research with Gates, Goodyear, Dayco, & Carlisle belt companies we changed our tensioner design. Although using the backbone to tension the belt does in fact create more "belt wrap" it also causes the belt to wedge deeper into the drive pulley, causing more friction and increases the operating temperature. Hotter temperatures can also shorten the belt life slightly.

    Having said all that, the main reason we elected to re-design our tensioner system was to reduce power loss. By using a special belt and pushing the belt from the inside, the power transfer loss rate is reduced to under 2%. The engineers at the various belt companies helped us conduct actual tests [some with software and some with hardware] and the results were amazing. In fact my EZM prototype gained 2 MPH on the top, and left the stop sign much quicker by only changing the idler system and installing the special belt. The new belt works so well I couldn't make it slip even with the idler removed. It became clear the weight of the belt and the belt design pulls the belt into the drive pulley and the return path can be loose without any effect on power transfer.

    Several of our dealers tested [some are still testing] a variety of belts & designs and soon found it possible to maintain total grip with the belt very loose [AZBill was the first to test this theory]. During the original testing we discovered some belts crack the inner core when the backbone is deflected too much, and some belts don't allow any backbone deflection.

    Hope this information is helpful,
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  6. Gh0stRider

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    Thanks for the response.

    I asked because I had never seen a belt tensioned in this manner. Whether it be a clothes dryer, hvac blower, or automotive app - I've always seen a tensioner placed against the back of the belt to increase the wrap around the pulleys to increase the surface area contact for maximum power transmission.
  7. jbcruisin

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    I hope no one steals Quenton's design. We all know that research like this isn't quick or easy.
  8. Gh0stRider

    Gh0stRider New Member

    Well, they may be able to steal the design concept of having the tensioner push out - but I'm guessing they won't be able to steal the special belt that works with this design.
  9. KilroyCD

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    Jay (jbcruisin) and I both have Q-Matics with the new belt and tensioner coming soon from Quenton, so we'll be able to put these to the test. I'm curious to see how it works with my overstuffed carcass in the saddle, as I weigh significantly more than either Quenton or Jay.
  10. jbcruisin

    jbcruisin Member

    Chris is a big guy & I ride wide open all the time. So we'll be doing 2 different tests :)
  11. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    I'm a big guy and I have hills...lots of 'em!
  12. My Q-matic problems

    I have had a few problems with the q-matic belts. I like the way this gearbox performs when it works correctly. Far superior to the old grubee i had on my bike before. I have went through three belts on this thing. (all supplied by EZM). Makes me scared to take the bike more than a couple miles from my house. In fact I had to peddle 5 mikes back home during the first break down. It would be nice to have a belt that's easy to change on the road instead of tearing apart the whole gearbox.

    I hear all this talk about new designs and new belts. I've had to change belts change pulleys try this try that. It's like I'm the tester here. None of this was thought of during the thousands of testing miles for the old design? I know designs change but I wish all this was thought of before I dropped $250 on a gearbox for my bike. I am currently running my own belt I found. And changed a couple things I thought would work. Since then gearbox is working ok and I'm not afraid to ride far anymore.

    Bottom line is I would say I want my money back. But what else do I have to choose from? Nothing that compares to the performance of the Q-Matic. Reliability is the problem here.

    When there ate many images, and/or they are wide, we really appreciate it if they're uploaded here, instead. So, I did so & deleted img tags.​

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  13. Gh0stRider

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    How long did the belts last before they shredded?
  14. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Hi Kline's Kustoms,

    One of our vendors made the drive pulley incorrectly, and caused the belt to pinch in the pulley. Pinching the bottom of the "V" caused it to run hot and destroyed the inner core of the belt. After checking the pulley stock we found most were made correctly and only a few were cut at the wrong angle.

    The issue was corrected and we offered to refund your money or upgrade to the correct drive pulley & belt. Of all the drives we shipped only 2 had the belt problem. In both cases the belt was damaged in less than 50 miles. It was difficult to pin point the problem as all the other drives were working correctly and we thought all the parts were identical [they weren't]. Just never occured to us to check the angle of each custom pulley in stock. I inspected all the remaining pulleys in stock and re-cut the defective ones to the correct angle, however we will not ship them with future drive systems. We are now shipping all the drives with the original "Congress" drive pulley.

    The defective pulleys are billet and have "EZ-Bikes USA" etched on the face. Only a few, not all, were made wrong, however we will gladly replace any pulleys and belts under warranty if needed. Please contact your dealer and we will supply a new pulley, belt, and parts needed to upgrade to production version #5.

    Sorry that this issue wasn't detected sooner.
    Have fun,
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  15. Thanks for your concern Quentin. If its not to much to ask could you send all the upgrades to Neil in Anaheim (belts,pulleys, and tensioner). Thanks.

    To answer your question ghost they failed under 40 miles each time. I'm not really a slow rider. I take my gearbox to its limit. Which is about 38mph.
  16. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Hi Kline's Kustoms,

    It is very important that the front drive pulley be replaced. Please have Neil replace it if he hasn't already done so. All current drives are shipping with the "Congress" aluminum drive pulley.

    I will send all the parts to Neil [per your request] to upgrade you version 4 to version 5.
    I will supply him with the necessary information to make the upgrade for you. The changes are very minor, and shouldn't take very long to make them.

    It appears only two Q-Matics had the defective pulley, and both trashed the belts somewhere between 30 and 50 miles.

    Have fun,
  17. I replaced the pulley with my own stock. Could you send the Congress pulley to along with the other replacement parts? Thank you.
  18. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor


    The Congress pulley is part of the upgrade and will send with the kit.

    Have fun,
  19. super dave

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  20. Love the bike super dave!! How many miles do you have on that new design tensioner? How long have you had the Q-Matic?