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    Hi Everyone,

    EZM & EZM authorized dealers have tested the Q-Matic on a variety of 4-stroke motors including the Harbor Freight 79 CC power plant. Over the last 2 years we took the time to design & test the Q-Matic to fit not only the hi revving Honda GHX50 & HS 142 motors, but also the bigger displacement lower revving motors. In order to make the drive fit more motors it was necessary to engineer several features in the Q-Matic that other companies failed to consider.

    The Q-Matic uses the “live axle” system to buffer the vibration of the automatic clutch, and remove the excessive weight from the crankshaft. Everyone knows [maybe not] that the centrifugal clutch, by fact of design of moving weights & springs can vibrate. When the clutch is mounted on the motor crankshaft it adds additional “flywheel” effect. The Q-Matic has the clutch suspended between 2 LARGE bearings on a 5/8” shaft to reduce vibration, slim the drive to approx. 2” from the motor, and buffer the vibrations and “flywheel” effect via a V-belt. Another important consideration was motor performance, and our goal was to avoid reducing the already limited available HP. When extra weight is added to the crankshaft the motor revs slower, and when weight is taken from the crankshaft the motor revs quicker.

    The Q-Matic totally disengages the rear chain when idling, and only the clutch bell rotates [on a oil impregnated bushing]. When the motor is above idle the system offers “motor braking” to aid the stopping process and saves wear & tear on the brakes over time. Just remember only the small bell turns with the wheel, not the entire set of pulleys, belt, shaft, bearings, etc, allowing, “free wheeling” at idle.

    Because the Max Torque clutch requires occasional lubrication [a few drops of oil], we made easy access to the lubrication point.

    Another design advantage of the Q-Matic is located in the idler system. Everyone knows [maybe not everyone] that belt stretch requires idler adjustments to compensate. The Q-Matic uses a spring tension system that automatically adjusts for belt stretch. The idler assembly is also mounted on 2 high-speed bearings to reduce belt wear and drag.

    Because of the variety of 4 stroke motors, we designed the Q-Matic to be ratio adjustable at 4 locations instead of only the chain sprockets. The Q-Matic can be ratio tuned to work with motors that idle at 800 RPMs, as well as motors that idle at 2200RPMs.

    The first ratio can be altered at the motor with optional EZM pulleys and can change the clutch stall speed and the ratio of the primary drive [from 3.5 X 1 to 2.3 X 1]. The primary changes [easy to do, and normally cost under $20] are easily executed, clean, and quick, whereas rear chain sprockets often require the major task of rear wheel removal. Of course changing the rear chain ratios adds even more possibilities to the Q-Matic drive.

    During the original testing we discovered the need to enclose the drive system for safety reasons [it was possible to stop the motorbike when inserting the left pant leg into the drive system]. The “pant leg” test lead to a cover that was light weight, oil & gas resistant, and more importantly entirely covered the moving primary parts. The durable cover will soon be mass-produced and may improve in appearance during the process [rumor has it will contain our logo].

    Although a lot of time, money, and thousands of hours of testing were invested in the Q-Matic, one important issue still needs “honorable mention”, weight. After serious consideration concerning cost, we elected to use “high tech” aluminum alloys in the construction process to reduce weight.

    $259.75 + shipping......... 1 year warranty

    Enjoy the pictures of the Q-Matic..

    Have fun,


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    Just a heads up...pics are thumbnail size.
  3. ren

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    Has the Q-Matic been tested on a Whizzer with an NE5 motor, and if so, how does it mount to the motor and bike? I have a 2007 Whizzer.


  4. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Randy,

    Q-Matic hasn't been adapted to a Whizzer motor because of the need to use one way bearing to start motor.

    Several years ago 3rd Mel. adapted the Max Torque clutch to work on the Whizzer, but was discontinued because of high cost [I paid $300.00 dealer cost for them].

    Best option is to upgrade the Whizzer clutch, average cost is $100.00 to $125.00 plus shipping.

    I have parts in stock to replace or rebuild the original units.

    Have fun,
  5. jbcruisin

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    Q Matic Pictures

    Hope these pics are larger.

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  6. ren

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    Thanks Quinton, I have an upgraded 70mm and 90mm clutch already, I was just thinking about the future, should something happen to my current clutches.

  7. azbill

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    I have over 800 hard miles on my Q-Matic (3400 total on EZM kit), and the clutch seems to be getting better with the miles :)
    I am very happy I upgraded from the manual, the auto is much more suited for my needs (trailer/hills)

    ps...when I change the engine over to the new stretch in a week or 2, I will be doing the first ever maintenance to the engine, other than oil changes...
    I am gonna spray the carb down with cleaner (just the outside) to get rid of accumulated road grit :)
  8. Love mine. Great product! I have also noticed clutch is getting better. I don't have as many miles as bill, but in the 100 miles I have rode I have noticed more acceleration with the clutch.
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    Funny thing is the mileage on my manual drive Workman bicycle stays the same 1407.7 plus the 100 before the speedo and the odometer keeps climbing on the Q-Matic drive Sun Atlas bicycle 607.8
  10. azbill

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    it's the gremlins in the night :)
    even THEY know the auto is sweet LOL
  11. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Everyone,

    7 days a week! Hard to believe, but orders are flowing in at a fast pace and it is wintertime. Wonder how many Q-Matics will leave our facility when the weather improves?

    Because of increased production is has been difficult to find time to test some of our latest products, however many of our authorized dealers have "stepped up to the plate" and helped.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    Thousands and thousands of test miles have proven the Q-Matic to be "bullet proof", and we are thrilled that our engineering and the hard work of our dealers have made this rugged drive system available.

    EZM is lucky to have some of the leading experts in the motorbike industry signed on as authorized dealers. We simply have the "best of the best" helping us. Our dealers have tested the drive system in all kinds of weather, tested on hills, pulling trailers, light riders, heavier riders, and even "rough riders". Rumor has it "Gremlins" even like the Q-Matic and will soon be submitting their test results to the east coast office.

    Because of the fantastic dealer network we can test new products faster than anyone, and testing is the secret to quality products.

    PS.... Time to go to work at EZM even if it is Saturday.
    Have fun,
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    How do I order?
  13. KilroyCD

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  14. azbill

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    my EZM is at 3500 miles and counting :):):)
    900+ miles on the Q-matic !!! (upgraded from the manual at 2600)
    soon to be swapped over to a stretch cruiser I got for x-mas from my grandkids ;)
  15. jbcruisin

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    How many miles now Bill? I know you're way ahead of me.
  16. azbill

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    5700+ :):):)
    have I mentioned lately that I love my bike !!!
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    that time of year already

    Happy Birthday Quenton from Jay & Bonnie
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    ditto from the girls and me !!! :):):)
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    :eek:fftopic: Happy Birthday Quenton! :happybday: :party:
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    Happy birthday!