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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Dn0rk, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. Dn0rk

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    Hello to all motor bicyclers!

    I have been reading the forums RELIGIOUSLY for about 2 weeks and still can't soak up enough knowledge. I just want to thank everybody that helps keep the forums going. I am very impressed with the plethora of information on buying a motor kit; Furthermore, It was the reason I bought a kit. Although I wasn't sure about buying a Chinese motor because of all the defects listed, but thanks to a sticky on what to do to the motors before running them, i can rest assured my motor will live a longer life. Can't imagine buying a kit now and not replacing the head studs and head gasket, which is a sad truth to many people who haven't been to this site.
    Thanks Again!

  2. PatrickW

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    Are you and the previous poster from Hawaii one in the same? If you are, just follow the advice I gave him, and don't post again!!! Okay!
  3. Dn0rk

    Dn0rk New Member

    No I'm NOT from hawaii, and the only thing you said to that guy was something about his hubs.. and by don't post again do youmean not to reply? well if so oops
  4. KilroyCD

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    Welcome to MBc, Dn0rk. Wise move regarding replacing the studs and gasket, as I keep hearing (or reading) the horror stories of studs breaking, etc.
    Remember, if you don't see what you're looking for after searching, just ask a question. There are plenty of people here who can give you the answer you need.
  5. PatrickW

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    DnOrk...I'm very sorry. I got my notes mixedup when innitially addressing you. I'm glad that Kilroy was there to save the day. Welcome to MBc, and I too think you made a wise choice to replace the head gasket and studs. Good luck.
  6. bluegoatwoods

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    Hey, man! Cool intro post...

    It sure sounds like you were a newbie who made good use of the info here and had some notion of what you were doing already when your engine arrived.

    I shouldn't speak for the staff and moderators here, but I'll bet they're proud. I think that's exactly what they want this forum to be.
  7. PatrickW

    PatrickW Staff Member

    Thank you very much, BlueGoat. I apprecciate the compliment, and hope Tom and all Moderators appreciate the work I do, too. You are really not too far from where I grew up in Lake Forest, Illinois. Just round the Lake, headed toward Wisconsin, right foot in the water, and you'd run into my old driveway. Good grief, do I miss that place...and both of us know what I'm missing!
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  8. Dn0rk

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    Thanks bluegoat, Definitely appreciate the support, and the compliment, almost all the information on the forums is useful, I will be sure to post any tips for observations Ive made working on my own bike,as a way to give back to everyone out there doing their parts to keep the info stream flowing.